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Leading with Your Heart: Diversity and Ganas for Inspired Inclusion

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Leading with Your Heart: Diversity and Ganas for Inspired Inclusion
By Cari M. Dominguez and Judith Sotherlund

2010, 162 pages, Paperback
ISBN 978-1-58644-153-1
SHRMStore Item #: 61.12504

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The heart of workplace diversity lies with enlightened leadership and a genuine commitment to fairness, rather than numbers-counting to meet legal requirements, or even persuading others that it serves as a competitive advantage.

Leading with Your Heart explores inspired leadership across an organization and the use of a positive moral compass to drive a new way of thinking and integrating our nation's rich diversity. Cari Dominguez and Judith Sotherlund use the term "ganas" (gah-nas) to capture this concept. Ganas speaks to one's inner desire to succeed. Motivation drives performance. Inspired motivation drives individuals to connect their day-to-day practices with their guiding beliefs, and to do the right things in the face of obstacles. Leading with Your Heart presents anecdotes of inspired inclusion in the workplace, not necessarily to establish best practices models for replication, but to affirm the lasting values of integrity and fairness that result from leading with the heart.

HR professionals will find Leading with Your Heart instrumental in bridging the gap between the idealized expectations of the C-suite and the pressing realities of needing to get the job done at the line manager and local levels.

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 Praise for the Book


"Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to achieving outstanding business results. By sharing their expertise and experiences, Dominguez and Sotherlund make a compelling case for adding leadership from the heart, or Ganas, to strong functional knowledge and business acumen in order to strengthen and deepen the sustainability of diversity and inclusion culture change to achieve business outcomes." -- Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo

"The message is simple - you have to have expertise and business acumen to be profitable, but you also need to have heart and ganas to make a difference as a leader. One complements the other, making it a winning strategy for long-term sustainable success. A real and inspirational read." -- Toni L. Riccardi, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer, The Conference Board

"You have to have heart and you have to have ganas to truly make a difference as a leader. This book is an excellent primer for those entering the field of diversity and an inspiration for those who have been in the trenches for years. Yes! Ganas is a great way to think about the value of a diverse workforce." -- John A. Garza, Board Member, National Industry Liaison Groups

"Effectively bridging the diversity gap will require much more than law, policy, or regulation in the workplace. Dominguez and Sotherlund make a compelling business case for a new style of leadership. They demonstrate in example after example that heartfelt leadership -- or ganas -- can provide motivation strong enough to transform any organization to common purpose, shared values, and a commitment to fairness, equity, and inclusion. A must-read for the enlightened leader." -- Jennifer L. Dorn, President and CEO, National Academy of Public Administration

". . . aims to be a starting point inspiring readers who want more direction in their diversity efforts. Instead of serving up a specific formula for legal compliance, or listing best practices to emulate, the book urges readers to use their innate 'character, compassion, empathy, and integrity' to practice diversity." -- HR Magazine's Books in Brief

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 About the Authors


Cari M. Dominguez is the owner of Dominguez & Associates, a management consulting firm that provides selective services in the areas of workforce assessments and diversity evaluations. Dominguez serves on several for profit and nonprofit boards and has numerous professional affiliations. Her public service includes being the former Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and Department of Labor's Assistant Secretary for the Employment Standards Administration. In the private sector she was a partner and director at two international executive search firms and held a number of senior human resources positions with Bank of America, where she had responsibility for EEO, succession planning, executive compensation, and talent development.

Judith (Jude) Sotherlund, president of Sotherlund Consulting, is a corporate consultant and published author. Her public service includes serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment Standards and as a Staff Assistant in the Office of Communications at The White House. Private-sector experience includes Vice President of Employment Advisory Services Inc., a senior consultant to the Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC), and Director of Communications for the National Committee for Quality Health Care.


 Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Heartfelt Leadership

Chapter 2. Got Ganas? Leading by Inspiring

Chapter 3. Speaking from the Heart: Effective Communications

Chapter 4. Find It in Your Heart: Recruiting and Hiring

Chapter 5. Put Heart into Developing Talent and Building Credentials

Chapter 6. Heart to Heart

Chapter 7. A Heart Check-up: Have You Hugged Your Policies Lately?

Chapter 8. An Appeal to the Heart


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