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Investing in What Matters: Linking Employees to Business Outcomes

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Investing in What Matters: Linking Employees to Business Outcomes

By Scott P. Mondore and Shane S. Douthitt
2009, 160 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-586-44137-1
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Providing a structured approach for HR professionals, this case study rich book instructs managers and business leaders how to use analytics to connect employee data to business outcomes. Practical and informative, Investing in What Matters emphasizes the direct impact of employees on business outcomes. A flexible approach that can be tailored to any organization guides HR personnel through the process of gaining senior leadership buy-in, identifying opportunities in the workforce, building data-driven solutions and calculating return-on-investment. From driving sales to decreasing turnover, this process transforms the workforce into a business's biggest asset.

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Foreword by Lea N. Soupata, Retired Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Board Member, UPS
Chapter 1. The Invisible Lever(TM)
Chapter 2. The State of Organizations Today
Chapter 3. Putting the Business Partner RoadMap(TM) to Work: A Case Study
Chapter 4. Increasing Sales Revenue
Chapter 5. Increasing Sales Revenue: A Case Study
Chapter 6. Driving the Balanced Scorecard/Productivity
Chapter 7. Powering Productivity: A Case Study
Chapter 8. Decreasing Turnover
Chapter 9. Finding Root Causes and Solving Turnover: A Case Study
Chapter 10. Driving Results: A Case Study for Small-to-Medium-Sized Organizations
Chapter 11. Breaking Down Data Silos to Drive Results
Chapter 12. Bringing Data Together to Find Solutions
Chapter 13. Creating Metrics that Drive Results
Chapter 14. The Front-Line Manager's View
Chapter 15. Invisible Levers for External Business Challenges
Chapter 16. Setting HR Strategy
Chapter 17. HR's "Seat at the Table"
Chapter 18. Trusted Advisor Status
Chapter 19. Concluding Remarks


Scott P. Mondore, Ph.D., is a cofounder and managing partner of Strategic Management Decisions, LLC. Scott has significant experience in the areas of corporate strategy, talent management, measurement, customer experience, and organizational development. He has worked for years in internal management and consulting positions across a variety of industries, including transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and hospitality.

Shane S. Douthitt, Ph.D., is a cofounder and managing partner of Strategic Management Decisions, LLC. Shane has a breadth of experience in the areas of measurement, talent management, executive assessment and coaching, and organizational development.


 Praise for the Book


"Organizations, both large and small, will benefit from the application of the authors' approach to discovering what drives the business from an employee perspective that may have been previously overlooked or untapped."
-- Lea N. Soupata, Retired Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Board Member, UPS

"A timely and practical guide for HR leaders to positively impact desired business outcomes and provide value in all types of organizations. A necessary book for leaders across an entire organization."
-- Daphne Logan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Feeding America

"Investing in What Matters is a unique book that shows HR leaders how to use the best that science-based analytics has to offer and that into practical strategies and initiatives that drive the bottom-lines of businesses. The authors take the complex and make it practical and easy to implement."
-- Karl Kuhnert, Professor, University of Georgia

"Most organizational leaders know that people are the key to success. They also know that driving behavioral change is the most difficult aspect of our role. The approach described in Investing in What Matters allows leaders to make investments in people based on facts, data, and expected ROI. I am eager to apply this approach in my organization."
-- John Mercer, Vice President of Merchandising, Food Lion

"The approach in this book is practical and can be applied in all types of organizations. We now use this process with our clients to clearly demonstrate the impact that our performance improvement initiatives have on organizational results."
-- Ed Locke, Managing Partner, Warner Development, Inc.

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