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From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations

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From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations

By Christine V. Walters
2011, 150 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-58644-206-4
Item #: 61.13508

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You've seen it happen time and time again. We work backwards. That is, we begin focusing on an employment relationship as it nears its end; e.g., when our employee is not performing as expected and we are thinking about letting him go. That's when your legal counsel or HR administrator asks the eternal question, "Do you have any documentation?" Then, when you let the employee go and you think you've done your job, you receive a charge from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, your state, or local commission.

It is in this spirit that From Hello to Goodbye is written to reflect not how this process should work but how it often happens: backwards. You may start at the end of the book, which is the beginning of the employment relationship; or start at the beginning of the book, which is the end of the employment relationship. Either way, when you finish this book, you will have some new insights, practical tips, and ideas for ensuring that the door does not hit you on the employee's way out.

The lessons provided in this book will make you more proactive and prepared. And it will reinforce the fact that a successful last day of work begins on that very first day of work and that giving attention to the employment relationship from the first day is time well spent and a valuable return on that investment of time.

From Hello to Goodbye is available as an e-book from Amazon and other e-book sources.

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Chapter 1. When All Else Fails: Terminating the Employment Relationship
Chapter 2. Document, Document, Document!
Chapter 3. Coaching, Counseling, and Correcting
Chapter 4. Employee, Where Art Thou? Managing Disability and Leave Issues
Chapter 5. Maintaining an Inclusive Workplace
Chapter 6. What's In a Name? Properly Classifying Your Workers
Chapter 7. Employee Handbooks: Read 'Em and Weep?
Chapter 8. Welcome Onboard
Foreword. Practice Your Passion!


Christine V. Walters, MAS, J.D., SPHR, is an independent consultant doing business as FiveL Company in Maryland and has nearly 25 years of combined experience in HR administration, management, employment law practice, and teaching. She has been engaged as an expert witness, and testified before the U.S. Congress, state legislative committees, and federal administrative agencies.


 Praise for the Book


"From Hello to Goodbye is a terrific hands-on practical and legal guide to employee relations. It is the perfect resource for both the HR practitioner and one you are going to want to share with everyone else who has responsibility for HR issues in the workplace. This is one book you will want to keep within easy reach." -- Scott Elliott, Manager, Human Resources, Seabrook Farms

"From Hello to Goodbye is an easy read, full of sound, tried and true principles with lots of clear examples, hints, and tips that illustrate the content. This book serves as a wonderful introduction to employee relations for those new to supervising or to human resources roles. In addition, it's a terrific refresher for seasoned leaders." -- Tracey Ellison, VP, Human Resources, Carroll Hospital Center

"From Hello to Goodbye is a great reference book for large and small organizations and it provides a consistent message when dealing with a multitude of issues commonly experienced at all levels. The author's practical experiences brought relevance to the individual topics." -- Robert Swinehart, Executive Director, Ohio Physical Therapy Network, Inc.

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