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Diverse Teams at Work

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Diverse Teams at Work: Capitalizing on the Power of Diversity

By Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe
2003, 260 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-58644-036-7
SHRMStore Item #: 61.12501

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Diverse Teams at Work shows how to make differences in work teams an asset, not a liability. This practical guide looks at the human aspects of teamwork. It helps team members understand and make the most of their differences--and overcome barriers to achievement that are sometimes the results of diversity.

This book includes:
* An analysis of how diversity shapes expectations and team behavior--from race, gender, and age to subtler differences such as education and work function.
* Processes for building teams.
* Guidelines for starting teams, integrating new members into the team, and diagnosing trouble spots.
* Key tips for resolving conflicts, solving problems, and making decisions.
* Fifty practical tools that guide team members in exploring their differences and learning how to work together successfully.

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Chapter 1. E Pluribus Unum
Chapter 2. Similar Differences: The Power of Infinite Variety
Chapter 3. How Diverse Teams Work
Chapter 4. Task Accomplishments: The Raison D'etre of Teams
Chapter 5. Relationships: The Times that Bind
Chapter 6. Shoulder to Shoulder: In the Trenches Together
Chapter 7. Group Process: Human Engineering to Keep the Team on Track
Chapter 8. Where Do You Begin?
Chapter 9. The Critical Role of Leader
Chapter 10. Making Team Building Pay Off: Considerations, Challenges, and Caveats
Resources for Building Diverse Teams


Lee Gardenswartz, Ph.D., and Anita Rowe, Ph.D., partners in Gardenswartz & Rowe, began helping organizations with diversity in 1977. They are also the authors of Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference & Planning Guide (third edition, SHRM, 2010).


"Achieving international recognition as a leader in diversity management is due in large part to the use of great tools like Diverse Teams at Work."
--Berlinda Fontenot-Jamerson, director of diversity, Sempra Energy

"I love this book! It is a solid base for my work with organizations, and clients appreciate the [approach's] inclusiveness."
--Angelika Plett, Mitte Consult, Berlin, Germany

"Gardenswartz and Rowe have taken the best ideas for building effective teams and combined them with the best we know about diversity. The tips on building trust are brilliant."
--Julie O'Mara, president, O'Mara and Associates Consultants

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