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HR and the New Hispanic Workforce: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivating and Leveraging Employee Success



HR and the New Hispanic Workforce: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivating and Leveraging Employee Success
By Louis E.V. Nevaer and Vaso Perimenis Ekstein


2007, 283 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-089106189-2
SHRMStore Item #: 61.15003

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This book details what it takes to incorporate the values and sensibilities Hispanic employees bring to the workplace. The authors build on a strong foundation of historical and cultural contexts to aid HR professionals in understanding Hispanic employees and speaking to the needs of their organization's Hispanic workforce. Combining original research with examples from the corporate elite, they lay out a comprehensive road map on how organizations can successfully attract, nurture and retain the talents of this influential segment of workers.

Some key issues that are addressed:

  • The communication implications of the increasing use of Spanish in the workplace
  • The need for quantitative tools for meaningful performance reviews
  • New recruitment strategies that reach more effectively into Hispanic communities
  • Benefit program changes that take into account the differing experiences, values and needs of Hispanic workers

Packed with powerful tools — including numerous checklists, questionnaires, sample interview questions, HR guidelines (some in both English and Spanish) and detailed summaries of key lessons at the end of each chapter — HR and the New Hispanic Workforce offers HR professionals the necessary skills to respond proactively to this seismic shift in America's workplace. 

Co-published with Davies-Black Publishing.

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 Praise for the Book


"Great insight into the differences in cultures in an organization, particularly the Hispanic culture, and what HR must do to stay competitive in today's environment. The real-life examples about cultural differences are invaluable."--Ann Marie Hackett, Director of Human Resources/Labor Relations, The Metropolitan Opera

"Informative, eye-opening, and filled with excellent practical suggestions. A valuable tool for those serious about attracting and retaining Hispanics in their workplace."--Carl A. Gustafson, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources (Retired), Baptist Health South Florida

"A 'must-have' book for all HR professionals involved in recruiting Hispanic candidates in today's marketplace."--Maxine E. Verch, SPHR, Director, HR Service Delivery, AARP

"Hits on the true issues we face. Goes way beyond HR to important, high-level organizational and cultural issues that we must consider. A valuable guide to navigating new-potentially turbulent-organizational waters."--Dr. Michael Fleming, Director, Organizational Development and Learning, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

"An indispensable book, a tour de force that empowers HR professionals to understand how Hispanics are transforming the dynamics of the American workplace. Provides an invaluable tool heretofore missing from the literature, and it could not have arrived at a more opportune moment!"--Robert Coleman, Director, Total Rewards & Accountability, SVB Financial Group; Faculty Member, San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning

"Addresses the unique needs and concerns of Hispanic workers but also provides the HR practitioner with strategies to address the crucial hiring, performance management, and recognition process. A timely and invaluable resource to help us successfully manage the skills, knowledge and talents of an emerging workforce."--Debbie Benami-Rahm, M.S., M.H.C., President, DBR Career Services, Inc.


 About the Authors


Louis E. V. Nevaer is one of the nation's leading authorities on Hispanics in the United States. He has authored more than 10 books on economic and business management, including the critically acclaimed The Rise of the Hispanic Market in the United States, Nafta's Second Decade, and The Dot-Com Debacle. He is director of Hispanic Economics, which analyzes Hispanic consumer behavior. A contributor to Pacific News Service and New America Media, his op-ed pieces appear in newspapers throughout the nation. He divides his time between New York and Mexico. 

Vaso Perimenis Ekstein, SPHR, is a principal and consultant with Miami-based Ekstein Consulting Services, which provides a wide range of human resources and technology consulting to businesses across the nation. A former assistant vice president for HR at Baptist Health South Florida, Ekstein has worked in human resources for 18 years, providing leadership to help optimize employee retention, attraction, communication, productivity, and commitment to support organizational business objectives.


 Table of Contents


A Note on Terminology


Chapter 1. Employee Selection

Chapter 2. HR Policies

Chapter 3. Performance Management

Chapter 4. Training and Development

Chapter 5. Employee Relations and Retention





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