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Webcast: Business or Pleasure: The Challenges of 'Bring Your Own Device' Policies

Business or Pleasure:

The Challenges of “Bring Your Own Device” Policies in the Workplace

Presenters: Philip Gordon and Michael McGuire, Littler Mendelson P.C.

Recertification Credit: 1.5*
Original broadcast date: June 6, 4 p.m. ET

Program length: 90 minutes

After the introduction of the BlackBerry, employers relied almost exclusively on company-issued devices to permit employees remote access to their email. Today, employees are clamoring to use personal devices, crammed with their apps, music, photos and more, to conduct business. In response, many companies permit their employees to use personal smartphones and tablets to access company email and other servers.

The benefits of such “dual use” devices include a substantial savings for companies that must otherwise provide and maintain company-owned devices. But the savings must be weighed against the increased risks in areas such as information security and privacy, records management, litigation hold compliance and wage and hour compliance.

This session will explore the challenges inherent in so-called “Bring Your Own Device” policies and provide practical advice on how organizations can manage the inherent risks through a combination of technical controls, policy changes and employee education.

Unlike many corporate policies, “Bring Your Own Device” policies must be developed in conjunction with a cross-functional team that includes Legal, HR, IT, Security, Privacy, and Records Management. Without getting bogged down in technological detail or jargon, this session will explain the risks and offer practical recommendations for developing policies and implementing safeguards to address dual use devices in the workplace.

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