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Avoiding the Boomer Drain

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HR Strategies and Best Practices

Presenters: Jean Cheng Setzfand, AARP; and Robert Carr, SPHR, Society for Human Resource Management

April 10, 2 p.m. ET
Program length: 60 minutes

Like most developed countries, the U.S. faces a major demographic challenge. Last year, the oldest of the 77 million U.S. baby boomers turned 65 – the traditional retirement age -- and about 10,000 more will be reaching that milestone every day during the next two decades. Can your organization afford to lose your reservoir of talented, experienced older workers in such a short time span? If not, have you done serious strategic workforce planning to analyze the impact of baby boomer retirements and to identify potential skills gaps that could result? Have you developed innovative strategies aimed at retaining your older employees as long as possible and recruiting such experienced workers when they are needed?

In July 2010, SHRM and AARP launched a partnership to raise awareness of this serious demographic issue and to help organizations address it by providing them a variety of educational resources and proven HR strategies. This webcast features Bob Carr, SHRM’s SVP for Marketing & Communications, and Jean Cheng Setzfand, Vice President of Financial Security at AARP. It will look at key HR strategies that should be integrated into an overall talent management program for today’s multi-generational workforce. The webcast will also look at lessons to be learned from recent research, including the 2012 SHRM-AARP Strategic Workforce Planning Poll, as well as best practices by organizations honored with AARP’s 2011 Best Employers for Workers over 50 Award.

About the speakers: Bob Carr is SHRM's Chief Global Communications and Marketing Officer. He oversees the Society's Government Affairs, Public Affairs and Organizational Communications activities. He is responsible for the development and execution of a communications strategy that will build SHRM's brand reputation and influence globally. Mr. Carr formerly served as SHRM's Chief Human Resource and Strategic Planning Officer and returns to SHRM from the National Bar Association, where he served as Executive Director. He also served in government as deputy counsel to the Ethics Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and as deputy counsel in the Office of the Solicitor, U.S. Department of Labor.

Jean Setzfand is Vice President of Financial Security at AARP. She leads AARP’s educational and outreach efforts aimed at helping Americans have financial "peace of mind" in retirement. Her work focuses on providing consumer-friendly information on money matters, workforce issues, retirement decisions and protecting 50+ consumers from investment fraud. Ms. Setzfand has been with AARP since 2002. Prior to joining AARP, she worked as a strategic management consultant serving domestic and international financial services institutions.

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