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Mich.: Legislature Considers Employment Proposals

By Diane Cadrain  7/10/2014
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The Michigan legislature is considering the following employment-related legislative proposals:

Noncompete agreements.  House Bill (HB) 5690, introduced on June 13, 2014, would bar employers from requiring employees to sign noncompete agreements unless the employer both 1) informs applicants in writing that signing the agreement is required and 2) posts the requirement in all its ads.

Mandatory nondisclosure agreements.  HB 5696, introduced on June 12, 2014, would bar school officials from requiring employees to sign nondisclosure agreements in which they promise not to discuss the terms of their employment. 

Bias based on reproductive health decisions.  HB 5416, introduced on March 18, 2014, would bar employment discrimination based on reproductive health decisions. The New York State Assembly (the lower house of that legislature) recently passed a similar proposal.

Private veterans’ preference systems.  HB 5418, introduced on March 20, would authorize private employers to set up their own veterans’ preference employment policies. 

Diane Cadrain is an attorney who has been writing about employment law issues for over 20 years.

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