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State Workplace Law News

Companies Can Minimize Risk of Costly Misclassification Suits

Lawsuits recently filed in Pennsylvania and California allege that Uber drivers were cheated out of reimbursement for expenses and tips as a result of being misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees. Three food delivery companies in California also were recently sued for misclassifying their workers. These lawsuits can be very expensive to defend, but companies can take steps to minimize their risk exposure.


Other Recent State Law Developments

AR - Arkansas Workplace Law News

Arkansas Cities and Counties Provide Local LGBT Nondiscrimination Protections
A new civil rights law affording nondiscrimination protections for most lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) residents of Fayetteville, Ark., will go into effect on Nov. 7, 2015.

CA - California Workplace Law News

New Calif. Fair Pay Law Is Toughest in Nation

A new California law that will take effect Jan. 1, 2016, will shift to employers the burden of showing that any differences in pay between the sexes are due to seniority, education, a merit system or other acceptable factors. It will be the toughest fair-pay law in the country.


CO - Colorado Workplace Law News
Colorado Division of Labor Prohibits Forfeiture of Vacation Time
Colorado employers with “use-it-or-lose-it” vacation policies, or who cap the amount of vacation time that employees can carry over from year to year, or who do not pay out accrued vacation upon discharge, should review and, if necessary, revise their vacation policies in light of recent changes to the state’s vacation pay enforcement position.

MA -  Massacusetts Workplace Law News

Workplace Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Filed in Massachusetts

A Massachusetts woman who claims she was fired from her job for using marijuana, which was legally obtained for medical reasons related to her Crohn’s disease, has sued her former employer.


NJ -  New Jersey Workplace Law News

New Jersey Casino Employee Weight Policy Fairly Applied

A New Jersey casino did not violate the state’s anti-discrimination law by enforcing a weight standard for its costumed beverage servers, called “BorgataBabes,” a three-judge panel of the state appellate court ruled, upholding summary judgment for the employer as to the policy. 


NY -  New York Workplace Law News

New York ‘Supersizes’ the Minimum Wage for Certain Fast Food Employees

The New York Department of Labor issued an order increasing the minimum wage for fast food employees at certain fast food chain restaurants in New York State to $15 per hour. This new fast food minimum wage will be phased in over several years, reaching $15 for New York City restaurants by Dec. 31, 2018, and for restaurants in the entire state by July 1, 2021.


VA - Virginia Workplace Law News

State Employment Laws That Every Virginia Employer Should Know

Understanding the requirements and obligations of Virginia state employment laws will help your company navigate the legal pitfalls of the modern workplace and reduce the likelihood of successful claims against your company.


WA - Washington Workplace Law News

Tacoma's New Paid Sick Leave Ordinance: What Employers Need to Know

Tacoma has joined Seattle as the third city in Washington State to mandate paid sick leave for employees (certain hospitality and transportation workers employees in SeaTac also receive this benefit). The new law will go into effect Feb. 1, 2016.


Visit SHRM's Marijuana and the Workplace Resource Page for information on how to lawfully monitor the medical and recreational use of marijuana by employees.

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