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State Workplace Law News
Businesses Take Another Look at On-Call Scheduling Practices
On-call scheduling is coming under heavy fire around the country. Many hourly workers don’t like it: They’ve stormed social media to criticize the last-minute cancellations of their work shifts and the lost income, resentment and chaos those changes cause.

Other Recent State Law Developments

CA - California Workplace Law News
What California Retail Employers Need to Know About Accommodating Pregnancy
Navigating the California laws on discrimination and accommodation of pregnant employees is a significant challenge for retail employers. The Golden State’s protections for pregnant employees are many and they differ from those of federal law and of other states.

Court Upholds Employee’s Agreement to Reimburse Training Costs on Resignation
Despite California’s well-known public policy against noncompete agreements, an employer may require an employee to repay the costs of voluntary educational benefits should the employee choose to leave within a reasonably defined time period--and compete with the former employer--after receiving the benefit, a California appellate court ruled.

IL - Illinois Workplace Law News
Certain Illinois Employers Now Required to Post Human Trafficking Helpline
A new Illinois state law requires certain employers to post notices informing employees and other members of the public of a helpline to assist any person who is subject to human trafficking. 

NM - New Mexico Workplace Law News
Court Rules Medical Marijuana Users Can Be Fired
A federal court in New Mexico added to the growing body of U.S. case law holding that employers are under no duty to accommodate medical marijuana use by employees or job applicants, even when state law allows it.

NY -  New York Workplace Law News
‘Ban the Box’ Laws in New York—Is Your Company Compliant?
New York’s three largest cities—Buffalo, New York City and Rochester—have enacted legislation prohibiting employers from asking applicants about their past criminal record on an employment application. Generally, employers subject to such laws are only permitted to ask about an applicant’s criminal record further on in the hiring process.

PR - Puerto Rico Workplace Law News
Impeding Breastfeeding May Violate Puerto Rico Constitution’s Right to Privacy
The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico held that, given certain conditions, failure by an employer to provide a safe, private, and hygienic place to extract breast milk may be a constitutional violation of the working mother’s right to privacy under the Constitution of Puerto Rico.

TX - Texas Workplace Law News
Open Carry in Texas: Employer Rights and Responsibilities

As of Jan. 1, 2016, handgun license holders in Texas may legally carry their guns in visible holsters on their hip or shoulder. Previously, license holders were required to carry their guns in a concealed manner. Employers, however, can still prohibit firearms in the workplace. 

Visit SHRM's Marijuana and the Workplace Resource Page for information on how to lawfully monitor the medical and recreational use of marijuana by employees.

SHRM Reports on State Legislation

For the most recent information on the status of an HR issue SHRM is monitoring in state legislatures, see the SHRM Government Public Policy State Affairs under the "Public Policy" tab. 

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