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CA - California Workplace Law News
Q&A: How to Ensure Compliance with California’s New Fair Pay Law
SHRM Online
asked three experts to share their views on about statistical analyses, labor law and compliance measures related to the Fair Pay Law, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2016. 

Other Recent State Law Developments

CT - Connecticut Workplace Law News
Connecticut Addresses E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products
Connecticut has passed a new law regulating electronic nicotine delivery systems and vapor products in various venues, including numerous places of employment.  

NJ -  New Jersey Workplace Law News
Changes to Paid Sick Time in New Jersey
The city council in Jersey City voted to broaden the scope of its paid sick leave ordinance, which was enacted in 2013, while voters in Elizabeth approved a paid sick leave law,

NY -  New York Workplace Law News

New York’s Wage Deduction Law in Effect for Three More Years
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law State Assembly bill A07594, extending the expiration period of 2012 amendments to New York Labor Law Section 193, which had permitted employers to make deductions from employee wages in circumstances otherwise deemed impermissible by the New York State Department of Labor.

TX - Texas Workplace Law News
Texas Expands Gun Rights
Employers who prohibit guns in their workplaces may be impacted by two new Texas laws. Starting in 2016, the state will allow the open carrying of handguns in public and the carrying of concealed handguns on university campuses. 


Visit SHRM's Marijuana and the Workplace Resource Page for information on how to lawfully monitor the medical and recreational use of marijuana by employees.

SHRM Reports on State Legislation

For the most recent information on the status of an HR issue SHRM is monitoring in state legislatures, see the SHRM Government Public Policy State Affairs under the "Public Policy" tab. 

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