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CA - California Workplace Law News
Meal-Break Class Actions Continue in Post-Brinker Era
In the spring of 2012, the California Supreme Court issued its ruling in Brinker Restaurant Corporation v. Superior Court, clarifying businesses’ legal obligations regarding meal and rest breaks. Many companies are still grappling with these issues.

Other Recent State Law Developments

AZ - Arizona Workplace Law News
State Minimum Wage to Increase on Jan. 1, 2015
Effective Jan. 1, 2015, Arizona’s minimum wage will increase to $8.05 per hour. This 15 cent increase over the 2014 minimum wage of $7.90 per hour is based on the 1.7 percent increase in the cost of living for Arizonans over a one-year period beginning in August 2013 using the national Consumer Price Index. 

IN -  Indiana Workplace Law News
Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Right to Work Law
Indiana’s Right to Work law has withstood its first challenge in the state’s highest court. The Indiana Supreme Court upheld the law’s constitutionality in a 5-0 decision.

MO -  Missouri Workplace Law News
Non-Compete Lacking Geographic Limitation, Not Tied to Confidential Information, Is Unenforceable
A Missouri employer failed in its attempt to enjoin a former employee from working for a competitor after a Missouri appeals court ruled his employment agreement was unenforceable as a matter of law. The court upheld a St. Louis County trial judge’s ruling that a non-compete without a geographic restriction, that sought to protect information widely known to the public, was unenforceable.

NJ - New Jersey Workplace Law News
Municipalities Require Paid Sick Leave
Effective January 2015, East Orange, Paterson, Irvington and Passaic will join Newark and Jersey City in requiring paid sick time for employees.

TN - Tennessee Workplace Law News
Evidence Sufficient for Jury to Find Employer Retaliated Against Employee
A university’s former maintenance employee presented material evidence for a jury to infer that his supervisor knew he had filed a lawsuit for employment discrimination when she engaged in retaliatory conduct, a unanimous Tennessee Supreme Court held, reinstating a jury verdict for the employee.

SHRM Reports on State Legislation
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