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U.S. Standards Taskforces

Name Description Status Admission

T.1 Definitions
Develops standards and specifications for the terms, definitions and descriptions used within the Human Resources profession.

Not Active
MAM T.2 Metrics and Measures
Develops standards and specifications for the measures and metrics that quantitatively and qualitatively describe the performance of Human Resource organizations.
Active Join
CAR T.3 Compliance and Regulatory
Develops standards to support compliance with local, state, and federal administrative and legal requirements
Not Active
CAB T.4 Compensation and Benefits
Develops standards for the identification, cost management, trend identification and strategic management of employee compensation and benefit programs.
Not Active
ELR T.5 Employee and Labor Relations
Develops standards for the effective interaction and administration of employee concerns in both unionized and non-unionized environments. Includes alternate dispute resolution, discipline, organizational culture, and related labor management subjects.
Not Active
SWP T.6 Staffing and Workforce Planning
Develops standards to effectively support talent acquisition and workforce planning activities.
Active Join
ODC T.7 Organizational Development and Change Management
Develops standards for the effective group and enterprise redesign and renewal efforts.
Not Active
MAO T.8 Mergers, Acquisitions and Outsourcing
Develops standards to maximize the value of employee leasing and outsourcing. Also includes the standards on how to support the success of business acquisition and mergers.
Not Active
PER T.9 Performance Management
Develops standards affecting the purpose, characteristics, methods, and communications techniques of an effective program. Includes aligning individual goals with strategic objectives.
Active Closed
DAI T.10 Diversity and Inclusion
Develops standards for increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplaces.
Active Join
SWR T.11 Sustainability and Workforce Readiness
Develops standards affecting the availability of talent pools and the responsibility of organizations to create and maintain these pools.
Not Active
TED T.12 Training and Employee Development
Develops standards to align employee skill and knowledge improvement with business needs.
Not Active