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Use Data to Transform Your Organization 
CORAL GABLES, Fla.— While data can help HR be more responsive to the shifting business landscape and be more innovative, one expert told attendees at 2015 HR People + Strategy Annual Conference, HR needs to be cautious that data analytics isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

Does 24-Hour Connectedness Create Feelings of Guilt?
A new study reveals that relying heavily on mobile technology to stay connected to their work and personal lives is creating “mobile guilt” among professionals, who then resort to “shadow tasking.”

How to Choose Cloud Systems That Won’t Rain on Your Parade
Whether it’s software-as-a-service, storage functions or networking tools, cloud systems have emerged as the dominant computing model in HR technology. These tips from HRIS managers and technology experts can help you select the best cloud software for your needs.

New App Helps Employees Pay Bills, Save Money
Want an app that stops your employees from treating their retirement savings like their personal piggy bank? While other financial apps such as Mint and Pageonce and most banking apps, help people manage money, the DoubleNet Pay app helps employees by paying their bills before they receive their paychecks.

Mobile Recruiting Evolves Yet Again
Having a responsive careers website and a mobile-friendly job application process are part and parcel of effective hiring strategies as mobile recruiting evolves into a new stage. Mobile recruiting today is seen less as a stand-alone category and more a part of the talent acquisition mainstream.

Profane Facebook Rant Was Protected, Concerted Activity
In another edition of surprising National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decisions, the NLRB ruled that a profanity-laced posting on Facebook about a manager and his family was protected, concerted activity and that the employer violated the law by discharging the employee who posted the message.

Telemedicine Faces Legal Hurdles
Employers’ use of telemedicine services is spreading rapidly, according to Dr. Allan Khoury, senior health management consultant at Towers Watson in Cleveland. But telemedicine faces a host of legal hurdles from licensure laws to medical liability insurance.

What to Do About Employees’ #StupidTweets
Discharging someone for a stupid tweet isn’t always straightforward. Criticizing one’s boss, for example, may not be the most brilliant move, but if the tweet is worded a certain way, it may be protected concerted activity under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). So what’s an employer to do?

Workforce Planning Moves into Real-Time World
Technology and analytics are combining to turn workforce planning into a more dynamic practice. Together, they’re allowing HR and business managers to explore the impact of proposed scenarios in real time, while offering more clarity into a workforce’s subtleties and providing the tools HR needs to develop a greater voice in overarching financial and business discussions. 

Bill Would Ban Porn at Work 
You’d think by 2015 more people would know better than to look at pornography at work—even on their own devices. They don’t. 

Minimize Social Media Liability
Social media can unearth some deal-breaking surprises during the application process, but a company should leave the checking of social media web sites to HR, not managers, to minimize potential liability, Jonathan Segal, an attorney with Duane Morris in Philadelphia, told attendees of the SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., on March 23, 2015.

Tech Tools to Track Your Expatriate Workforce
Technology and automation have made the task of managing an expatriate workforce easier than ever. New products abound to tackle various phases of HR administration, from strategic talent management on the front end to repatriate satisfaction surveys on the back end.

Critics Oppose Proposal to Raise H-1B Visa Cap
While employers lobby for more work visas in legislation, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and congressional witnesses heaped criticism on the potential expansion of the H-1B visa program during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held March 17, 2015.

Job Market Drives Demand for H-1B Visas
By all indications, 2015 is shaping up to be a record year for H-1B visa requests from U.S. employers. Several factors, including a strengthening U.S. job market, a job skills gap and a growing need for cybersecurity experts have created an increase need for H-1B visa candidates. 

How to Choose a New HR Software System
Most human resource information technology or human resource information systems specialists have been involved with an HR software evaluation in one way or another. However, as the industry delivery models have focused more on software-as-a-service (SAAS), many of the original processes are slightly different today. When selecting new software, the following steps can help guide this complicated process.

Why Social Recognition Matters
With the workforce becoming more global, social, mobile and multigenerational, a new strategy for employee recognition is needed, experts say. Social recognition capitalizes on employees’ behavioral habits and new social technologies to give more people a voice in saying “thanks,” adding an important tool to an organization's rewards strategy.

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Use Predictive Analytics to Enhance Performance





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