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Improving Job Market Drives Record Demand for H-1B Visas
By all indications, 2015 is shaping up to be a record year for H-1B visa requests from U.S. employers. Several factors, including a strengthening U.S. job market, a job skills gap and a growing need for cybersecurity experts have created an increase need for H-1B visa candidates. 

Learning Management Systems Top 2015 Predictions
My prediction that learning management would finally have its day was based on three simple premises, writes Hive Tech HR's CEO Jeremy Ames, whose speaking at the SHRM HR Tech Conference & Expostion in India later next month. You can read his predictions by clicking the headline above.

How to Choose a New HR Software System
Most human resource information technology or human resource information systems specialists have been involved with an HR software evaluation in one way or another. However, as the industry delivery models have focused more on software-as-a-service (SAAS), many of the original processes are slightly different today. When selecting new software, the following steps can help guide this complicated process.

Overwhelmed at Work
Today’s workers have more technological conveniences than ever to help them do their jobs. Employers are increasingly offering work/life balance in the form of flexible schedules and telecommuting. So it would seem counter-intuitive that large numbers of people feel stressed and overwhelmed at work. But they do.

Study: Few Use Big Data to Improve Business Strategy
“Big data” is more than just a buzzword for the many organizations that have leveraged their employee data to make their HR departments and companies run more efficiently. Yet, a new study shows just 23 percent of business decision-makers purposely align strategy to data.

Which Is Worse: Data Breach or Natural Disaster?
Researchers say No.1 fear today in the workplace isn't violence, the outbreak of disease, or natural disasters. It's a cyberattack.

E-Verify Mandate Passes Committee
The House Judiciary Committee approved the Legal Workforce Act, which would repeal the current paper-based I-9 system and require all U.S. employers to verify the work eligibility of future hires through the government’s E-Verify system.

Staying Compliant Is Costly, Difficult for HR
Organizations are squandering resources by using different IT systems or using manual processes to remain compliant with regulations and laws governing their employees, according to a new study released by ADP and CFO Research.

Protecting PHI Should Be Priority for HR
Ensuring the privacy of protected health information (PHI) isn’t a top priority for many HR departments. They have so many other pressing concerns. But the latest round of changes to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the related Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act should make HR departments sit up and take notice.

Regaining Employees’ Trust After a Data Breach
As more details about several high-profile cyberattacks come to light, the affected employers are discovering that the long and laborious road to recovery begins with rebuilding employee trust.

Extreme Recruiting Practices Emerging
In the land of Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook, Silicon Valley recruiters are leading the way in introducing aggressive and extreme recruiting approaches. Here are just a few examples.

Obama Promotes Cyber Threat-Sharing
President Barack Obama’s executive order promoting cyber threat-sharing within the private sector and between private enterprises and government agencies expands the president’s cybersecurity framework beyond critical infrastructure companies.

Compliance, Consumerism Key in Benefit Point Solutions
The Afford­able Care Act (ACA) has put the spotlight squarely on two key issues for employers: compliance and consumerism. With choice comes the need to provide decision support—not only for how to choose health and welfare benefits, but also how to effectively use those benefits. Point solution sys­tems are best suited to address both of these challenges, experts say.

Beyond Forecasting: Use Predictive Analytics to Enhance Organizational Performance
When employees quit, it’s costly. Predictive analytics can help HR with employee retention and improve an organization’s performance, companies have found.

Social Media in the Workplace: Are We Nearly There?
For social media to be valuable for business, it has to be used collaboratively. Instead of social conversations persisting in parallel with the task in hand, they must be an integral part of that task or of the business application in use, one expert says.

Addicted to Work E-mail
Too much e-mail distracts, costs companies in productivity.

Why Social Recognition Matters
With the workforce becoming more global, social, mobile and multigenerational, a new strategy for employee recognition is needed, experts say. Social recognition capitalizes on employees’ behavioral habits and new social technologies to give more people a voice in saying “thanks,” adding an important tool to an organization's rewards strategy.

Study: Teleworkers More Productive—Even When Sick
Teleworkers are more productive and less likely to take time off work—even when sick, a new survey reveals. Experts say the study reveals what those who have successfully deployed telework for years already know: that with proper management and guidance, telework can provide many benefits for employer as well as employee.

Record H-1B Visa Demand Expected
Employers should be well on their way to initiating and preparing their H-1B cap-subject visa petitions for the 2016 fiscal year deadline, which is now less than two months away.

National E-Verify Mandate Revived
Legislation requiring employers to use the government’s electronic employment eligibility verification program will soon be reintroduced, lawmakers said.

Lessons Learned from Anthem Data Breach
Several security experts reached by SHRM Online said that while breaches of this nature are increasing and may be unavoidable, the extent of the damage from the Anthem breach was preventable given the many ways technology can be deployed to lessen a breach’s impact.

HR Tech: It’s Not Just for HR Administrators Anymore
Providing a great user experience for employees has become a smart business initiative and the new imperative for HR technology providers.

S.C. Employees Banned from Social Media Use at Work
Employees of the state of South Carolina will have to say goodbye to Facebook this summer—at least while they’re at work. The state has banned state employees from using social media at work and the ban may be the first of its kind for a state in the U.S.

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