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Employers Focus on Hiring the Right Sales Talent
Increased competition for hiring top-notch sales talent is requiring recruiters and human resource managers to re-examine their own sales techniques.

Tech Sector Is Rocky Recruiting Terrain
The recent spate of mass layoffs hasn’t eased tight competition for talent in the technology sector.

HR-Based Reality Show Set to Start Third Season in September
The producers of the HR-based reality show spotlighting recruiters is a hit, according to its producers, but it’s getting mixed reviews from industry professionals.

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Instagram Poses Opportunities, Risks for Employers
Finding candidates through Instagram is becoming increasingly popular for recruiters, but it poses legal risks if certain hurdles aren’t cleared.
USCIS: More Nurses May Qualify for H-1B Visas
Responding to a predicted shortage of nurses in the United States, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has expanded the pool of nurses who may qualify for H-1B visas.
Startups Outsourcing HR: When, Why, What If?
By outsourcing and automating administrative services typically handled by hiring a dedicated HR staffer, startups can better deploy their human capital—up to a point.
Emerging Trend: FCRA Class Actions Against Employers
Time for HR professionals to brush up on their familiarity with FCRA requirements when consumer reports are conducted for them by consumer reporting agencies. Several million-dollar settlements show that employers’ noncompliance, even with hypertechnical FCRA requirements, can be costly.

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Long-Term Unemployed
SHRM is committed to helping to remove the barriers that may prevent qualified workers from being fully considered for jobs—particularly because of their long-term unemployment status. Click here for resources that can help HR professionals address this challenge.

Manufacturing: Hard To Fill Jobs
This SHRM Foundation briefing addresses what manufacturers can do to ensure they have access to the workforce talent they need now and in the future. Read more in the report Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap.


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Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE)
SHRM's monthly report tracks trends in the labor market, including hiring projections released one month ahead of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation report.

Metro Economic Outlooks
These reports provide comprehensive analyses of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas' economies.

Workplace Flexibility Resource Page
Visit this resource page for the latest on addressing work/life challenges through flexible arrangements and strategies.

Military Employment Resources
Read about how HR professionals find, hire and retain skilled military service members.

Workforce Readiness Resource Page
This resource page provides information that can help HR professionals address the issue of workforce preparedness.

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Managing People and Expectations
Peter Sheahan, CEO of ChangeLabs, offers advice on how to manage both people and expectations in your organizations.

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Getting the Message Out, Getting Candidates In
Now available
Presenter: Jessica Miller-Merrill, SPHR, Xceptional HR
Sponsor: Jobvite
Consultant and author Jessica Miller-Merrell shares cutting-edge techniques companies are using to attract high-quality candidates and how you can adapt these to your workplace, regardless of your size or industry. 

Recruit Like Google (Even Though You're Not)
Now available
Presenter: Sabrina Baker, PHR, Acacia HRSolutions
Sponsor: Epicor
Social media is important, but it's just a small part of the recruiting marketing effort. Sabrina Baker, PHR, who works extensively with small and medium-size companies, will offer an array of actionable -- and affordable -- ideas to land the most desirable candidates on the market.

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Staffing Strategically Series Kit As demonstrated in this 5-book series, effective staffing is a multi-layered approach to finding the right people in the right way at the right time for the right position.




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