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Tax Credits for Military Veteran Hiring Set to Expire in December

By SHRM Online staff  9/13/2013
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Under current law, the tax credits Congress designed to encourage employers to hire military veterans are effective only for hiring completed in 2013. Therefore, to take advantage of this incentive, companies must complete the hiring process by the end of the year.

Although Congress could extend these credits into 2014 or make them permanent, it is not certain that it will do either. Meantime, the National Guard, partnering with the Center for America, has created a free booklet, 2013 Federal Tax Benefits for Hiring and Employing Qualified Veterans, National Guard Members, and Reservists, to help employers take advantage of the tax credits. Both organizations also collaborated to set up a job board, American Jobs for American Heroes, where employers can post jobs for free.

After an organization registers with the site, a trained employment counselor will call the employer to discuss the job postings, find out what qualifications are most important and answer questions. Staff of the National Guard Employment Network job-bank website will review and post the job ads, and then state National Guard employment counselors across the country can match job applicants with suitable positions, according to the website.

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