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Fall Protection (Once Again) Most Violated OSHA Standard
Fall protection retained the No. 1 spot on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) annual top 10 most-frequently cited workplace safety violations.

OSHA Announces New Injury Reporting Rules
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a final rule Sept. 11, 2014, revising the requirements for reporting work-related fatality, injury and illness information.

U.S. Workplace Fatalities Drop 5 Percent in 2013
The number of fatal occupational injuries in the United States fell 5 percent in 2013, although the number of temporary contractors and Hispanic workers who died on the job increased, according to preliminary data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How Retailers Can Reduce Safety and Health Compliance Risk
Retailers need to be alert to health and safety issues at their stores and warehouses, both to ensure their workplaces are safe and to be ready for possible OSHA inspections and investigations.

Arm Your Workplace Against Cyberbullies
What if you employ a cyberbully, or both the cyberbully and the victim? If you are among the 48 percent of U.S. businesses that allow employees access to social media on work computers, are you then liable for a cyberbully’s actions?

Home Depot Malware Attack Reinforces HR Challenges
Home Depot’s compromised payment systems could turn out to be the biggest data breach of its kind, with as many as 60 million credit cards affected, according to experts.

Prepare Your Employees for OSHA Interviews
It is generally recognized that a majority of OSHA citations are based upon interviews of management and hourly employees. Unfortunately, a lot of confusion has occurred over the respective rights of OSHA, the employer and the employees.

Your Safety Audits May End Up in OSHA’s Hands
Audits can be a useful and proactive method of identifying and acting upon workplace safety and health hazards. However, if secured in litigation-related or inspection-related discovery, such audits may also serve as “roadmaps” for outside entities.

Calif. Hospital Violence Bill Sent to Governor
California Senate Bill 1299 requiring hospitals to establish comprehensive workplace violence prevention programs was sent to the governor’s office for signature.

Don’t Forget Ergonomics Away from the Office
Employees who work from home or travel for work should be taught to assess their ad hoc workspaces for ergonomic risks.

Workplace AEDs, Response Programs Can Save Lives
Around 10,000 sudden cardiac arrest events occur each year in the workplace, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Most of those victims will die, often within minutes.

Prepare Your Office for Emergencies
Whether it be a natural disaster, storm or unexpected emergency, these top-of-mind tips will help you prepare your business for the unexpected.

DOT to Study Connection Between Safety and Driver Pay
The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration plans to survey trucking companies on the relationship between driver compensation and safety behind the wheel.

OSHA Publishes Temp Worker Safety Best Practices
The joint responsibilities of staffing agencies and host employers to protect temporary workers from safety and health hazards on the job are assembled in a new guidance.

Driver Training, Speed Limiter Rules See Action
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration moved truck safety regulations on driver training and speed limiters forward this month.

Hasty Employee Surveillance Can Doom Your Case
A recent decision in British Columbia shows the potential price tag where an employer acts precipitously in engaging in employee surveillance and then subsequently relies on the surveillance when disciplining or discharging the employee.

Lax Safety Culture Identified in Canadian Rail Disaster
An investigative report on a deadly train derailment by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada could serve as a cautionary tale to safety and security officers and human resource professionals about the importance of maintaining a vibrant corporate safety culture.

OSHA Considers Making Injury Underreporting a Violation
Concerned that a proposed rule that obligates certain employers to publish their injury and illness records might lead to employers misreporting that data, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has extended the rule’s comment period and is asking for reaction to making such underreporting a violation.

Ban-the-Box Movement Goes Viral
The District of Columbia, Illinois and New Jersey have joined 66 cities and counties and 11 states to pass “ban-the-box” laws, preventing employers from asking about prior criminal history on job applications.


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OSHA 300A Forms Due Feb. 1
All employers required to keep Form 300, the Injury and Illness Log, must post Form 300A, the annual summary of job-related injuries and illnesses, in a workplace common area by Feb. 1, 2014.

OSHA Publishes Plans for 2014
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s portion of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fall 2013 Regulatory Agenda revealed several dates in 2014 that employers should take notice of.

OSHA Reiterates Enforcement Policy on Temporary Workers
The agency explains the purpose of the Temporary Worker Initiative, defines temporary workers, identifies employer responsibilities and sets out when to open an inspection.




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