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New OSHA Video Game Trains for Hazard Detection

By Roy Maurer  6/16/2014
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on June 10, 2014, released an interactive game-based training tool designed to help employers and workers effectively identify common hazards in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

The Hazard Identification Training Tool offers the user an opportunity to practice a visual inspection and to identify “realistic, common hazards and address them with practical and effective solutions,” according to OSHA.

“Hazard identification is a critical part of creating an injury and illness prevention program that will keep workers safe and healthy on the job,” said David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health, at the game’s unveiling at the American Society of Safety Engineers conference in Orlando, Fla. “This new tool not only educates employers about how to take control of their workplaces and protect workers, it also demonstrates that following well-established safety practices is also good for the bottom line.”

Users can play from the perspective of either an employer or an employee and choose between three different scenarios: “OSHA Visual Inspection Training,” “Manufacturing Facility” or “Construction.” The game explains the key components of the hazard identification process, information collection, workplace observation, incident investigation, employee participation and hazards prioritizing.

OSHA recommends playing the “OSHA Visual Inspection Training” scenario first, which allows users to view equipment from 360 degrees to look for hazards. The player can speak to the employee game character and observe the character at work to identify additional hazards.

A few of the scenarios include inspecting a character working with a saw, an industrial chemical mixer, and scaffolding and fall protection.

Roy Maurer is an online editor/manager for SHRM.

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