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 Making All Employees Feel Included During the Holidays
How parties, decorations and gift-giving can accommodate non-Christians and atheists.

Secularization of the Holidays 
A school board’s decision to take the ‘religious’ out of all holidays raises questions for the workplace. 

Millennials Closing Pay Gap, But Not Cutting Apron Strings
Pay gap widens at executive levels; experts say cultural bias and ‘mixed messages’ to blame.

Integrating Saudi Women into Workforce Brings Challenges
Cultural issues make it a risky activity.  

Scent-Free Workplace Not Required
Employers don’t have to provide a scent-free workplace under the ADA, but may have to ban a certain perfume.

Sexual Harassment Law Evolving Globally

Future Pregnancies Addressed in EEOC Guidance
Pregnancy discrimination is focus for new EEOC chairwoman.

Parent Revolt: When Transgender Teachers Offend
EEOC and courts have protected transgender employees against discrimination.

Diversity Efforts Not Improving Women’s Progress
North America lags behind other regions in projections of women at executive levels.

Labeling Millennials: Misguided and Discriminatory?

Wall Street’s Older Workers Worry Over Job Security 

Federal Dismissals of Discrimination Complaints ‘Growing Problem’ EEOC Says 


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Marching Beyond Compliance 
Effective practices for defining your diversity strategy, information about key resources, and a free recruitment program that matches employers with qualified students with disabilities.
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Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive
Seeks to transform cur­rent diversity programs by infusing an intercultural perspective with intercultural business competencies training.

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The Hispanic Workforce in the U.S.
Miguel Joey Aviles, CEO & founder of MJA International, dispels some common myths about the Hispanic workforce in the United States.

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