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Flat Pay Raises Spur Variable Rewards, New Metrics
Performance based incentives play an increasingly vital role in a low base-salary-increase environment, Hay Group’s Tom McMullen explains.

Short-Term Incentives Play Larger Retention Role
More employees will get annual bonuses as pay raises stall, new data shows. But short-term incentives are just part of effective value propositions.

Overtime Rule May Hurt Workplace Morale
HR professionals will have many disgruntled employees on their hands when they reclassify workers as nonexempt after the proposed overtime rule is finalized. That makes the communications strategy much more important.

CEO Pay Ratio Isn’t So Simple
While the Securities and Exchange Commission's new CEO pay ratio disclosure may seem relatively straightforward to determine, digging into the data—and considering the complexity of factors that influence the numbers—reveals it may be difficult to calculate and interpret.

Pay-Ratio Rule Spotlights CEO Compensation
The Securities and Exchange Commission issued a controversial final rule requiring public companies to disclose how median employee pay compares with CEO compensation.

Modest Gains Seen for 2016 Variable-Pay Budgets and Salary Ranges
The growth of salary-increase and variable-pay budgets remains limited, but employers continue to differentiate pay based on performance.

Expect Salary Budgets to Rise 3.1% in 2016
U.S. employees can expect ​an average base salary increase of 3.1 percent in 2016, up only slightly, if at all, from the raises they received this year.

Wages Remain Stagnant with No Relief in Sight
U.S. wage growth was meager in the second quarter of 2015 across most industries and cities. Even previously hot-performing sectors such as tech saw wage growth headed down.

Answers About Paying Employees When Disaster Strikes
When worksites are closed due to natural disasters, employers face obligations mandated by state and federal laws governing how employees will get paid, with serious financial penalties if they’re overlooked.

Overtime Rule Change Bad for Business?
Under proposed regulations, faced with the difficult recalculation of overtime rates, employers may forgo incentive payments to nonexempt employees.

Time to Ban Pay Negotiations?
To ensure that better pay isn’t only for better bargainers, greater transparency may be more effective than banning salary negotiations.

Proposed Overtime Rule Puts Focus on Compliance
The proposed rule to limit white-collar overtime exemptions is likely, when finalized, to add to the explosion of class-action litigation under the wage and hour statute.


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