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Wages: Stagnant or Just Shifting?
Despite higher productivity, the share of income flowing to workers has fallen. Here’s why.

Raises More Likely When Employees Negotiate for Them
The higher their annual salary, the more likely that employees will ask for a raise, and the more likely they will received it.

Administration Eyes Employer Pay Practices
An issue that was a priority of the Obama Administration in 2014 is certain to remain one this year: employer compensation practices.

Pay & Benefits Issues in State of the Union Address
The ideas President Obama proposed affect equal pay for men and women, an increase in the federal minimum wage and revised overtime regulations.

Engineering, Computer Science Majors Reap Top Dollars
Engineering majors are projected to be the top-paid undergrads this year; computer science earns top honors among graduate degrees.

Designing Pay Structures for Small Organizations
Putting in place a performance appraisal system integrated with salary structures and variable pay isn't as hard  as you might think.

Workers Want Raises, or They Will Walk
More than one in three workers say they’ll look for a new job if they don’t get a pay raise this year, and about half expect that raise to be 3 percent to 5 percent of their current salary.

DOL Clarifies Procedures for H-2B Wage Requests
The Department of Labor (DOL) issued clarifying guidance for those H-2B employers with pending prevailing wage requests and recently received wage determinations.

Measuring for Success: Choose Incentive Metrics Wisely
Finding the right mix of incentives necessary to maximize employee performance can be a challenge.

Applying Analytics to Sales Plan Design
The cost of not analyzing your sales incentive plan can be steep, given that an effective plan design can have a double-digit impact on sales.


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