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Starting Salaries Up for Class of 2014
Engineering graduates lead the way, while humanities and social science majors trail others.

DOL Touts Pay Transparency Rule
A Department of Labor (DOL) proposed rule to encourage pay transparency among federal contractors would not protect HR employees who improperly disclose compensation information.

Grocery Chain Bagged in Pay Discrimination Suit
A grocery chain will pay $6.5 million to settle a claim it underpaid clerks at low-end stores with predominantly Hispanic employees.

Top Performers’ Pay Differentiation Narrows
Rewards for high achievers will outpace those of others, but the extent of differentiation between the best and the rest has declined.

Silicon Valley’s Racial Pay Disparity
If you are a black or Latino resident in the ethnically diverse Silicon Valley, there’s probably a job for you. But it isn’t likely to be one of the better-paying positions.

Making Pay Public
Employees want to know, but should they be told? The pros and cons of salary transparency and managing    pay-related questions.

Who’s Responsible for Gender Pay Gap?
The ongoing challenge is to pay all employees fairly. Here are a few suggestions.

Pay Protests Seek Higher Minimum Wage
Politically tinged protests across the country called for more businesses to pay a $15 minimum wage.

Six Ways to Modernize FLSA
Some changes that business advocates would like to see in upcoming revisions to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations.

How Much Pay to Feel Successful?
While most Americans are unsatisfied with their salaries, there appears to be a tipping point.


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