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Top Leadership Stories for 2014 According to the number of visits to certain articles on SHRM Online, HR professionals in 2014 wanted advice on how to keep employees engaged, create a values-centric culture and make HR more of a business partner. Click the link above for a brief roundup.

Leaders Need to Bridge Middle-Skills Jobs Gap
U.S. employers should take the lead in defining their labor needs and nurturing talent to fill key jobs, bridging the gap between millions of jobless Americans and industries that are suffering a chronic shortage of skilled workers, a new report recommends.

Underestimating Costs Can Undermine a Company’s Competitiveness
Midsize companies tend to underestimate the true cost of managing their workforce, according to the 2014 Total Cost of Ownership Study that ADP Research Institute released Nov. 4, 2014.

Team-Based Performance Support Tool Launched
Global leadership development consultancy The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) has unveiled a performance support tool called StandOut, designed to help team leaders better manage their teams.

Emerging Roles for Execs in Big Data
New searches for executives have grown 4 percent this year compared to the same period in 2013, with the industrial and life science sectors showing the most action globally, according to a new hiring trends forecast.

Know Tax Compliance Risk Associated with Business Travel
Collecting and analyzing global workforce data offers many possibilities for creating value for your organization. One of the most relevant applications for workforce analytics today may be to manage the tax compliance risks associated with business travel, as tax authorities become increasingly vigilant in collecting tax revenues generated by employees working within their jurisdictions.

HR Leaders Want Staff to Interpret Big Data
With the abundance of workforce-related information made available through big data, HR leaders have a prime opportunity to use that data in ways that help business leaders make more With the abundance of workforce-related information made available through big data, HR leaders have a prime opportunity to use that data in ways that help business leaders make more informed, cost-effective talent decisions.
Mergers & Acquisitions: An HR Guide for Success
Has your HR team been involved with any mergers or acquisitions (M&As)? If not, improving economic conditions and recent studies suggest that more M&As may be on the horizon. But are you and your HR staff prepared?

Good Leaders Avoid These 5 Temptations
Using humorous anecdotes, best-selling author and consultant Patrick Lencioni outlined the five temptations that leaders often succumb to during the Society for Human Resource Management’s Emerging LEAD(HR) Conference in Las Vegas recently.

JetBlue’s Ann Rhoades on Creating a Value-centric Culture
Want to consistently be seen as an employer of choice? Develop a values-based culture, according to Ann Rhoades, founder of HR consultancy People Ink, author and member of the JetBlue Airways board of directors.

Getting the C-Suite to Take Notice
To deepen HR’s importance to executives, HR professionals need to learn some specific skills to become better business partners, said Brad Karsh, president of JB Training Solutions.
Innovation Key to Retaining Talent
Organizations need to both be mindful of and take advantage of transformations occurring within the world of work, said Marina Gorbis, executive director of the Institute for the Future.
Hispanics, Women, the Young Change the Nature of Work
Speaker and researcher Tammy Erickson delves into the topic of change—demographic and generational.

Fostering Workplace Courage is Beneficial
CVS CEO Speaks About Tobacco
Mentors Can Lead Women to Success
CEOs Share Insights for Wellness Success
Can Flexibility Create Workaholics?




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