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Deloitte Survey: New Work World Requires HR Overhaul
A new work world shaped by cultural, technological and generational changes, including a shift in the employer-employee balance of power, requires a new human resources playbook, a new study says.

Two-Thirds of Managers Need Help Coaching, Developing Careers
As talent shortages persist and employee retention becomes increasingly important, employers have an opportunity to make career development a priority by enabling their managers to coach and mentor their teams. However, two-thirds of managers fail to actively engage in their employees’ career development, a study shows.

Take Steps to Uncover Gender Pay Inequity
The wage gap hasn’t improved for nearly a decade. Between 2003-13, women working full time in the U.S. have been paid 78 percent of what men are paid. The discrepancy exists in nearly every occupation and widens as women age, according to a new study. But employers can rectify this issue.

Few Use Data to Improve Business Strategy
“Big data” is more than just a buzzword for the many organizations that have leveraged their employee data to make their HR departments and companies run more efficiently. Yet, a new study shows just 23 percent of business decision-makers purposely align strategy to data.

How Executives Learn, the Skills Needed to Succeed
A growing number of executives are searching for ways to build a clear path to the C-suite and then ensure that their performance continues to improve once they reach management’s upper echelons.

Create a Succession Plan That Works
Small and family-owned businesses that delay creating succession plans are endangering their company’s survival, according to Henry Hutcheson, founder and president of the consulting group Family Business USA in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Don’t Get Trapped Using the ‘Bogus RIF’ Strategy
What’s the “bogus RIF” strategy? That’s when you’re really firing an employee but don’t want to admit it, so you call it a reduction in force or a layoff, or a job elimination.

Are Stock Options an Effective Incentive?
Review your (stock) options to drive employee performance.

Too Few Female Execs in GCC States

Barriers to female leadership are addressed in a new report, which states female representation in top GCC management positions—on executive committees and boards—is less than 1 percent, compared with 10 percent on executive committees and 17 percent on boards in European countries.

3 Ways Successful Companies Develop Talent
Competing in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment demands access to a strong talent pool. Organizations must meet present challenges while cultivating talent for the long term, ensuring the capabilities needed for a sustainable future are being developed.

Experts Warn: Don't Take Authenticity at Face Value
Given low public opinion of corporate CEOs, business executives have been encouraged for years now to lead authentically—staying true to their values, following their passions, and maintaining integrity and transparency as managers. Some business leaders seem to struggle with the concept, however.

Despite Gains, Women Continue to Lag Behind Men in Leadership Roles
Although women outnumber men when it comes to finishing college and both genders believe that women make better managers, women continue to trail far behind men in becoming leaders. And it’s not that women aren’t tough enough or that they don’t make good managers, according to a new study.

Some Executives Doubtful About Succession Planning
When you get right down to it, corporate succession plans are designed to develop and promote business leadership. But what happens if an organization’s leaders don’t have any faith in the succession process to begin with?

CFOs Predict More Full-Time Hires in 2015
Chief financial officers (CFOs) anticipate growth in their sales, workforce and overall business in 2015 as a result of improving economic conditions, found poll results released by Bank of America Merrill Lynch on Feb. 4, 2015.

Are Career Goals for Executives Shifting?
When researchers for the Korn Ferry Institute recently asked a group of top-level executives “Do you want to be CEO?,” they were surprised by the response. Among the nearly 550 executives polled, approximately one-third (31 percent) either didn’t want the job or were ambivalent about becoming their organization’s top executive.

CHROs Wanted in 2015
Chief human resource officer (CHRO) will be one of the most in-demand executive positions for 2015, according to a new report from recruiting consultants Korn Ferry. Companies will also be searching for senior leaders in the cybersecurity, digital and innovation arenas. The hottest sector overall for executives looking for new opportunities will be in health care.

2015: HR Trendsetter Mark Berry Says Focus on Analytics to Drive Decisions
When it comes to being a competitive HR professional, Mark Berry, former vice president of people insights for ConAgra Foods, tells HR Magazine that not only should HR professionals speak the language of the business, they should be able to answer critical questions with compelling fact-based insights and pay attention to how data can drive evidence-based decisions in real time.

Strong HR Leads to Better Business
Companies with strong people management capabilities such as talent and leadership management and HR strategy and data-driven insights show significantly better finan­cial performance than companies that are weaker in those areas, a new study shows.

Digital Leadership ‘Flip’ a Priority for CIOs
Digital first. Legacy second. That’s the leadership advice tech research and advisory firm Gartner offers chief information officers (CIOs) in its leadership trend analysis, Flipping to Digital Leadership: The 2015 CIO Agenda. The report states “enterprises and their CIOs need to ‘flip’ from old to new in terms of information and technology leadership, value leadership, and people leadership.”

Top Leadership Articles of 2014
Going by the number of visits to certain articles on SHRM Online, HR professionals in 2014 wanted advice on how to keep employees engaged, create a values-centric culture and make HR more of a business partner. Click the link above for a brief roundup. 

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