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2014 When Work Works Award Winners
SHRM and the Families and Work Institute have announced the 284 winners of the 2014 When Work Works Awards, honoring employers who have created effective workplaces that support employees’ needs while achieving extraordinary business results.

Ernst & Young’s Paid Leave Program Yields Dividends
A parental-paid-leave program has helped to nearly close the Big Four accounting firm’s retention gender gap.

Can Flexible Schedules Create Workaholics?
Adopting a hands-off policy about when and where employees work may be the best way to ensure they’re productive, according to a 12-year study.

Flex Work Regs Take Effect in U.K.
Effective June 30, 2014, the regulations introduce a number of significant changes, but employers can still refuse a request on one of eight statutory grounds.

Millennials' Desire to Do Good Defines Workplace
Want to seal the deal with Millennials? Give some thought to your organization’s community service program.

How One CEO Got "Flextime" Religion
When the lack of a flexible work schedule meant losing a valued employee, one CEO transformed his company's focus from face time to results-based metrics.

For Fathers, How About Some Balance?
Working dads say they, too,  find it hard to juggle jobs and personal lives.

Workplace Flexibility Common; Training in Its Use Is Not
Most full-time U.S. workers have some form of workflex, but many think their employers’ commitment to flexibility is waning.

10 Ways to Establish Better Work/Life Balance
Create guidelines for helping employees maintain a healthy work/life balance. Here are 10 pointers to include.

Survey: Workplace Flexibility Increasing 
New research by SHRM and the Families and Work Institute shows more employers implementing workflex policies.

Employer Must Prove Physical Presence Essential, 6th Circuit Rules
Making it easier for employees to telecommute as an disability accommodation, the Sixth Circuit ruled that “attendance” is no longer synonymous with physical presence in the workplace.

Myth Busted: Men Telework More
Men outpace women when it comes to telework, while women are more likely to put their hours in at the office.

Male Executives: Work/Life Balance Is a Women's Issue
Many male managers still view work and family conflicts as a problem that should be handled by women.

Teleworking Not Remotely a Problem for Some Companies
It took an overcrowded office and the Great Recession to prompt one employer to open a virtual office when his lease ended. 




The Flex Generation
Presenter: Brad Karsh, JB Training Solutions
Sponsor: Capella University
How to assess and improve your workplace's flexibility. Just as important, you'll hear how to communicate that message to candidates and current employees alike.

Prescriptions for the Top Workflex Headaches
Presenters: Shirley Davis Sheppard, SHRM; and Cali Williams Yost, Flex Strategy Group/Work Life Fit 
Workplace flexibility is not a collection of policies and procedures. It's a method of innovating more effective ways of getting work done.

Workflex: Essential Strategies and Real-World Case Studies
Presenters: Ellen Galinsky and Kenneth Matos, Ph.D., Families and Work Institute (FWI).
SHRM and FWI have compiled some of the best practices from companies that have achieved success in building more effective and flexible workplaces. Note: This program qualifies for strategic recertification credit.

The Business Imperative for Building More Flexible and Effective Workplaces
Presenters: Ellen Galinsky and Lois Backon, Families and Work Institute.
Webcast sponsor:
This webcast offers data on how an effective and flexible workplace yields bottom-line business results.

Steps to Building and Implementing Comprehensive and Effective Workplace Flexibility: A Roadmap to Success
(Price: $99 members/$149 nonmembers)
John Parry, CEO, Solix, Inc., and Rachel Bradford-Mundt, HR Director, BDO USA, LLP.
While increasing numbers of businesses recognize that workplace flexibility can be a powerful tool to recruit, retain and engage employees, implementing it is not always easy.




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Flexibility Partnerships
The most effective workplace flexibility programs occur when employers and employees work together, advised Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute.
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