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Workplace Flexibility Resource Page

Workflex Options Usually Ad Hoc; ROI Rarely Measured
Resistance from senior leadership is the biggest reason so few employers have formalized workplace flexibility policies, a new survey reveals.

Apply for the When Work Works Award
Join top employers across the country who have won the When Work Works Award– formerly known as the Sloan Award. Take your place as an employer of choice and showcase your effective and flexible workplace!

Millennial Dads Want Flex Hours, Robust Benefits
As Generation Y fathers shoulder more parenting responsibility, their workplace expectations rise.

Free Workflex Assessment Tool Available
Ever wonder how your workplace flexibility strategies stack up against others in your industry? Find out by completing a free Workflex Assessment offered by the When Work Works initiative.

Leveraging Workplace Flexibility
A new report from the SHRM Foundation, The Evolution of Work and the Worker, looks at the changing nature of the workplace.




Workflex and Telework
Date of presentation: Oct. 7, 2015
(Available for on-demand viewing through Oct. 2, 2016)

Reinvent Work
Date of presentation: October 2014
(Availablew for on-demand viewing through Oct. 25, 2015)

HR and the Aging Workforce
Date of presentation: October 2014
(Available for on-demand viewing through Oct. 11, 2015)




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