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Dental Plans: Time for a Checkup
Benign neglect of dental plans is a mistake. With the cost of dental care rising, careful choices are needed in structuring and sharing the costs of these programs.

Workers’ Wants Vary by Workforce Generation
Understanding generational differences can help to attract and keep talent—and shows why traditional rewards are no longer enough to engage workers. Communication preferences also vary along a generational continuum.

Value of Disability Benefits Often Overlooked
The role of long-term disability insurance can be uncomfortable to discuss with employees but those offering this coverage should communicate why it’s important—and not just for older workers.

Auto Allowances Rank High with Corporations
Offering a company-owned or leased vehicle as a perk can be much more costly and burdensome than providing a vehicle allowance or fuel and mileage reimbursements.

Post-Employment 401(k) Rollovers: What HR Should Ask
The proposed fiduciary rule will affect the advice  departing employees can receive about rolling over their 401(k) funds into an individual retirement account. Now is a good time to review what vendors are telling participants regarding 401(k)-to-IRA rollovers.

Cost Control, Behavior Change Top Health Agendas
Employers are focusing on containing health care costs next year by making plan design changes and promoting healthier behaviors.

Benefits of a Prevailing Wage Retirement Plan
Government contractors must pay nonunion workers a prevailing wage, part of which covers the value of benefits to be paid in cash or through a prevailing wage plan. Here’s why a contractor should consider the latter.

Millennials Would Switch Jobs for Family Benefits
Family care assistance and workplace flexibility are directly impacting employees’ productivity—and their decisions to switch jobs.

Domestic Medical Travel: What HR Should Know
More companies have begun offering U.S. domestic medical travel programs to their employees, driven in large measure by increased demand for cost-effective, high-quality outpatient surgeries.


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