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DOL Seeks Comments on Proposed Retirement Advice Rule
A Department of Labor proposed rule would impose a stricter fiduciary standard on those providing advice to participants in 401(k) and similar plans.

EEOC Issues Proposed Wellness Incentives Rule
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued a proposed rule to help clear up confusion over using financial incentives in worksite wellness programs.

Early Retirement Incentive Program Do’s and Don’ts
Incentives given for early retirement must comply with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and other federal statutes.

Starbucks and McDonald’s Expand College Opportunities
Starbucks is expanding its online college tuition-reimbursement program, while McDonald’s is helping workers earn high school, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.

2016 Parameters for ‘Creditable’ Drug Coverage
Group health plan sponsors will use the new minimum coverage parameters to determine whether their plans’ prescription drug coverage is equal in value to Medicare Part D for 2016.

Manage Specialty Drugs to Stem Pharmacy Costs
With specialty drugs sometimes costing thousands of dollars per does, it isn’t surprising that they are a key cost driver for pharmacy benefit programs.

Narrow Networks Pose a Price vs. Choice Tradeoff
Health plan narrow and tiered provider networks aim to motivate health providers to lower their prices in exchange for a higher volume of patients.

At Dominion Resources, Power Is in a Healthy Workforce
How a multifaceted wellness program lowered employee health risks while reaching out to unionized workers.

Private Exchange Enrollments Doubled in 2015
The move to private exchanges for providing employee coverage is expected to speed up in coming years, driven by compliance concerns.

Increasingly Popular, Telemedicine Faces Legal Hurdles
Employers’ use of telemedicine services is spreading, but telemedicine faces a host of legal hurdles from licensure laws to medical liability insurance.

IRS Modifies Retirement Plan Correction Procedure
New guidance simplifies the process for correcting mistakes, including automatic enrollment errors.


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