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Midyear Check on Health Plan Compliance
Take stock of measures needed to meet upcoming 2015 legal requirements.

Rulings on Subsidies Bring More ACA Confusion
Two appellate courts have split over whether the Affordable Care Act allows the government to subsidize policies purchased on federally operated health exchanges.

Small Biz Benefit Opportunities
Over half of small-business employees are likely to accept jobs with slightly lower pay but better benefits.

FMLA Continues to Challenge Employers
Reduce abuse of intermittent leave by setting clear rules.

HSAs Outpacing HRAs
Employer generosity in funding health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) may be making them less effective at controlling costs than health savings accounts (HSAs).

Most Fail Basic HSA Quiz
Only 30 percent of current health savings account holders passed a basic HSA proficiency quiz. Could you?

The Case for Legal Services and ID Theft Benefits
The rationale for offering legal services or ID theft protection as voluntary benefits can be compelling.

HR Grapples with Regulatory Enforcement
Rewards managers feel the impact of stepped up rulemaking.

One Year Later: DOMA’s Overturn Brings Increase in Same-Sex Benefits
Last year's ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has yielded a surge in benefits offered to same-sex couples.

Contraceptive Ruling’s Impact Seen as Limited
Benefits attorneys expect the Supreme Court’s ruling on mandatory contraceptive coverage to have a limited effect on employers—despite political posturing that might suggest otherwise.

Disability Claim Payments Up
Even as disability payments rose, the number of workers covered by long-term disability insurance fell, reflecting the trend toward voluntary plans.

Employers Adjust Benefit Mix
Two opposing forces—a strong demand for benefits and their rising cost—underlie trends uncovered in SHRM’s 2014 Employee Benefits research report.

Health Costs Set to Rise 6.8% in 2015
Medical inflation in the U.S. is projected to rise at a faster clip next year, but benefit design changes can help hold the line.

Benefits Communication Tips Shared
Without solid communication efforts, employees may not understand or value even the best and most generous benefits plans.

Design the Right Rewards Strategy
Put in place an overarching total rewards strategy that evaluates the effectiveness of each reward element, reviewing how it aligns, or doesn’t, with business strategy and employee needs.


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