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Medical Cost Increases Projected to Dip Slightly in 2015
The average cost increase for employer health plans will dip slightly in 2015 but continue to exceed general inflation.

Consumerism, Cost-Shifting Restrain Health Spending
Offering consumer-directed health plans is among the most successful strategies for controlling the costs of health care, followed by increasing employees’ share of total costs and offering a variety of health plans.

Finding an Effective Employee Value Proposition
Know what employees want and value, and review your offerings regularly to ensure they remain relevant.

Supreme Court Rules on Lifetime Benefits
Silence about the duration of retiree health care benefits in a collective bargaining agreement does not mean such benefits vest for life, according to a Jan. 26 Supreme Court decision.

Supreme Court Ruling May Eliminate Costs of Inconsistent Marriage Laws
Higher benefit costs could be alleviated if the Supreme Court provides a uniform right for same-sex marriage.

President Announces Paid-Leave Proposals
President Obama wants employers with 15 or more workers to provide paid family and sick leave benefits.

Call to Cap Retirement Savings by ‘Wealthy’
President Obama’s proposal to limit combined retirement plan assets has proved controversial, as did his call (now rescinded) to reduce tax advantages for 529 college savings plans.


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