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Workplace Flexibility: Time Off (General)

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Time Off (General):

Articles and Reports:

Navigating the Leave-Management Maze
Disability Leave Benefits Remain Stable, Despite Economy
Coordinating Leaves of Absence
Examining Paid Leave in the Workplace Research Report
Survey: Corporate Practices for Paid Time Off
Taking Time Off to the Bank
Rules of Engagement: Mitigate the Impact of Employee Absences 
One-Fourth of Workers Would Forgo Vacation to Double Income 

Policies and Tools:

Leave without Pay: Unpaid Time off Request

Leave: Exempt Employees Unrestricted Leave

Paid/Unpaid Time Off: Birthdays, Holidays, and Leaves of Absence

Short-Term Disability: Wage Replacement and Leave

Leave of Absence (Non-FMLA and Non-Military)

Holidays: Floating

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