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Wellness: Compliance

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District Court: Employers Can Tie Insurance Offer to Wellness Screenings

The EEOC, GINA and Wellness Programs: It’s Not that Bad

EEOC: Incentives for Health Assessments of Spouses Permitted

EEOC Issues Proposed Wellness Incentives Rule

EEOC’s Wellness Proposal Diverges from HIPAA

HR Urged to Protect Wellness Program Data

EEOC’s Silence on Wellness Programs Criticized

EEOC Targets Incentives, Sparks Criticism

EEOC Challenges Involuntary Wellness Programs

EEOC Sues Employers’ Wellness Programs

EEOC Will Square Financial Inducements to Wellness Programs with ADA

Legal Implications of Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs

Linking Health Insurance Rates and Smoking

Final Rule Provides Wellness Incentive Guidance

Guidance Sought on Wellness Efforts and Anti-Discrimination Laws

Regulating Wellness

Federal Tax Implications of Wellness Incentives and Rewards

Meeting the Health Risk Assessment Challenge

Groups Issue Guidance for Outcomes-Based Wellness Incentives

11th Circuit Turns Back ADA Challenge to Employer's Wellness Program

Encouraging Health Risk Assessments? A Few Cautions

Wellness Programs Get a Boost in Health Reform Law

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