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Building a Wellness Champion Network
By socially connecting with others, a wellness champion network is crucial to how health-promoting information is communicated to employees—and the level of acceptance that worksite wellness programs receive.

Counter Stress That’s Making Employees Sick
Workplace stress is taking an emotional and physical toll on employees, lowering productivity and raising health claims. Managers can take steps to alleviate the pressure.

‘Big Data’ Is Shaping Employers’ Benefits Strategies
Employee benefits are entering the brave new world of “big data”—collecting, analyzing and acting on benefits-related metrics—with the promise of significant advances in the design and delivery of benefits offerings, especially for health and wellness offerings.

Give Your Dental Plan a Checkup
With the cost of dental care increasing, employers need to make careful choices in how they structure and share the costs of these programs.

Value of Disability Benefits Often Overlooked
The role of long-term disability insurance can be uncomfortable to discuss with employees since it deals with debilitating illness or injury, but those offering this coverage should communicate why it’s important—and not just for older workers.

Fitbits, Smartwatches and Workplace Security
As employees increase their of use wearables in company wellness programs, so too will the likelihood of vulnerabilities to data breaches increase.

New Practices Help to Manage Chronic Care
While programs to manage chronic conditions can improve care and reduce costs, health plans report these programs are underused, leading them to try these new approaches to chronic care management.

Wellness and Productivity: Forging the Link
The triggers that impact personal behaviors are various, which is why wellness financial incentives alone are inadequate for many.

Promoting Wellness Takes More than Incentives
With the role of financial incentives in employer-provided wellness programs being sorted out, focus has fallen on ways to better engage employees in health-promotion efforts beyond paying them to participate.

Cloudy Wellness Requirements Under ADA and GINA
Added to the challenges regarding the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s proposed rule for wellness programs is uncertainty about how to comply with both the Americans with Disabilities act (ADA) and Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

EEOC’s Wellness Proposal Diverges from HIPAA
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s proposed rule for wellness programs would bring changes ranging from financial incentives to employee notices.

EEOC Issues Proposed Wellness Incentives Rule
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a proposed rule that addresses using financial incentives in worksite wellness programs.

At Dominion Resources, Power Is in a Healthy Workforce
Since launching in 2012, Dominion Resource’s multifaceted wellness program has lowered employee health risks. Plus, tips for increasing participation among unionized workers.

‘Integrated’ Well-Being Initiatives Yield Healthy Results
An innovative approach to well-being goes beyond an employee’s physical health and includes initiatives such as financial literacy tools, child-care and elder-care assistance programs and resources for stress and time management.

Guidance on E-Cigarettes in the Workplace
Health advocates advise organizations to adjust their tobacco-cessation policies and programs to include the rapid growth of e-cigarettes.


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Wellness: Miracle or Mirage?
Sponsored by Healthentic
Author and consultant Al Lewis  looks at the myths and realities of wellness initiatives, as well as the future direction of wellness services. You'll learn strategies for measuring outcomes validly -- without having to pay an actuary. You'll also hear strategies to inoculate your wellness initiatives against legal action by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 




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Doug LaymanWellness ROI Is Immeasurable
Doug Layman, executive VP at Gilsbar Inc., says current narrowly focused views of wellness ROI miss the true business value of this type of benefit. 

Alan MomeyerWellness Incentives
Alan Momeyer, VP of HR for Loews Corp., says the rewards are worth the risk of initially overpaying for wellness incentives—especially if you plan to modify payments at a later date.

Barbara SchaeferHealth Incentives
Union Pacific Corp. offers rewards that encourage employees to improve their health, says Barbara Schaefer, senior VP of HR.

Nancy BloughEffective Wellness Incentives
Nancy Blough, Executive VP of the American Health Data Institute, on ways to encourage participation in wellness plans.

Dan KrickThe Benefits of Wellness
Wellness programs benefit a company in financial and other ways, says Dan Krick, HR director at Lincoln Industries

Don PowellWellness for Dependents
To control health care costs, wellness programs must reach out to employees' spouses and children, says Don Powell, CEO of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine.

Neil GordonWellness Efforts and Unions
Neil Gordon, M.D., chief medical and science officer for Nationwide Better Health, offers tips for effectively promoting wellness in a union environment. 

Mindy McGrathPoints-Based Wellness Programs
Awarding incentive points can boost participation in wellness programs and achieve lasting behavioral change, says Mindy McGrath, a VP with Maritz Inc.

Smoking CessationSmoking Cessation Programs
Companies that offer a package of benefits—rather than just one—are successfully helping employees to quit smoking.

Wellness Success Factors
Anthony Armando of Interactive Health explains considerations for successful wellness programs.

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