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Measles Outbreak: What’s an Employer to Do?
The ongoing multistate outbreak of measles in the U.S. is raising questions as to what steps employers can take to keep their workplaces healthy.

Wellness Link to Productivity, Performance
A wellness ‘value proposition’ includes higher engagement and morale, and lower turnover rates.

Real ROI of Wellness Programs
Greater productivity of employees who are “well” could far outpace the return on investment (ROI) from health care savings.

EEOC’s Silence on Wellness Programs Criticized
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission should not sue employers over supposedly involuntary wellness programs absent guidance, a senate committee is told.

Wellness Benchmarks Highlighted in SHRM Survey
Organizations would increase wellness investments if they could better quantify the impact.

Evaluating Worksite Wellness: Practical Applications for Employers
A new SHRM Foundation report summarizes research and provides best practices for effective programs.

Critics Challenge Corporate Wellness Program ROI
Concerns with program cost and effectiveness are on the minds of chief human resource officers.

Millennials Receptive to Wellness Outreach
Millennials are the most likely to want employers to play an active role in supporting their overall health and wellbeing, according to a new analysis. Here’s how to reach out to them.

Less Effective Flu Shot Calls for More Diligence
There are several things employers can do to help prepare for the potential impact of this year’s flu season, from encouraging vaccinations to insisting that sick employees stay home.


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The Secret Wellness Motivator: Friends & Family
Sponsored by hubbub health
A spotlight on an effective but overlooked strategy to promote sustained healthy behavior changes.

Shape Up Your Wellness Program
Sponsored by Achievers
Re-engineer employee wellness programs to engage and align employees and recognize their achievements.

Eye Health and Wellness
Sponsored by Davis Vision
Integrate eye care with medical benefits to improve the management of chronic conditions.



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Doug LaymanWellness ROI Is Immeasurable
Doug Layman, executive VP at Gilsbar Inc., says current narrowly focused views of wellness ROI miss the true business value of this type of benefit. 

Alan MomeyerWellness Incentives
Alan Momeyer, VP of HR for Loews Corp., says the rewards are worth the risk of initially overpaying for wellness incentives—especially if you plan to modify payments at a later date.

Barbara SchaeferHealth Incentives
Union Pacific Corp. offers rewards that encourage employees to improve their health, says Barbara Schaefer, senior VP of HR.

Nancy BloughEffective Wellness Incentives
Nancy Blough, Executive VP of the American Health Data Institute, on ways to encourage participation in wellness plans.

Dan KrickThe Benefits of Wellness
Wellness programs benefit a company in financial and other ways, says Dan Krick, HR director at Lincoln Industries

Don PowellWellness for Dependents
To control health care costs, wellness programs must reach out to employees' spouses and children, says Don Powell, CEO of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine.

Neil GordonWellness Efforts and Unions
Neil Gordon, M.D., chief medical and science officer for Nationwide Better Health, offers tips for effectively promoting wellness in a union environment. 

Mindy McGrathPoints-Based Wellness Programs
Awarding incentive points can boost participation in wellness programs and achieve lasting behavioral change, says Mindy McGrath, a VP with Maritz Inc.

Smoking CessationSmoking Cessation Programs
Companies that offer a package of benefits—rather than just one—are successfully helping employees to quit smoking.

Wellness Success Factors
Anthony Armando of Interactive Health explains considerations for successful wellness programs.

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