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Retirement Plans Resource Page

Retirement Plans Resource Page

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Couples Disconnect on Retirement Plans, Savings and How Much the Other Half Makes
Most couples talk past each other when it comes to financial matters, but planning together could make a big difference in determining whether they are saving adequately to prepare for retirement.

Fiduciary Standard Sparks Contentious Debate
Applying the stricter standard to 401(k) advisers is either a necessary safeguard or a needless burden and expense.

Many Don’t Know They’re Paying 401(k) Fees
A new study identifies a strong link between transparent fee information and the level of trust that participants have in their retirement plans.

One in Four Workers Miss Out on Full 401(k) Match
If employees were offered a large bonus, they'd take it. So why do so many pass up the chance to potentially receive thousands of dollars every year in the form of a 401(k) match from their employer?

Supreme Court: 401(k) Plan Sponsors Must Monitor Investments
Employers sponsoring 401(k) plans, as fiduciaries, have a continuing duty to monitor and remove imprudent investments, the U.S. Supreme Court held.

Employees Want Help Deciding How Much to Save
Employees need more guidance on saving for retirement, but plan sponsors are concerned about advising them on what to contribute to their retirement plan.

Company Stock in 401(k) Plans: What’s Changed?
Employers are reviewing the status of company stock in their defined contribution plans following last year’s Supreme Court decision holding companies to a higher standard regarding company shares as an investment option.

DOL Seeks Comments on Proposed Fiduciary Rule
A Department of Labor proposed rule would impose a stricter fiduciary standard on those providing advice to participants in 401(k) and similar plans.

Early Retirement Incentives: The Do’s and Don’ts
When providing incentives for early retirement, take care to comply with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and other statutes.


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'Choose to Save' Resources. Find brochures, calculators, public services announcements and other materials that can help plan sponsors promote retirement plan participation at, a project of the nonprofit Employee Benefit Research Institute.

DOL's Lifetime Income Calculator. Via DOL.

Making Sense of the Uncashed Retirement Plan Check Dilemma. Via Inspira.

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How America Saves: The Coalition to Protect Retirement
This SHRM-chaired coalition is working to defend the special tax treatment of retirement savings.


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Increasing Plan Participation
Focus on HR's host Kathleen Koch speaks to Linda Robertson and Ric Edelman about boosting employee participation in retirement plans.
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