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Health Care: Reporting and Notification Requirements

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IRS Issues Draft Forms for 2015 ACA Reporting

Health Care Reform: Get Ready to Report

Insights on ACA's Reporting Requirements

Final Rules Implement ACA Employer Reporting Requirements

Employers Feel Weight of ACA-Required Notices

IRS Issues Proposed PPACA Rules on Employer-Information Reporting

Upcoming ACA Notice Requirements

Remember New Templates for SBCs

Start Communicating About Health Care Changes

DOL Issues Model COBRA Election and Exchange Notices

DOL Extends Safe Harbors for Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

Gear up for Exchange Notifications to Employees

HR Should Review Summary of Benefits and Coverage Carefully

Administration Issues Final Rule on Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Most Not Ready for Required Summary of Benefits and Coverage

IRS Issues Guidance on Reporting Health Coverage Cost on 2012 Forms W-2

Agencies Delay Deadline for Health Benefit Summaries

Proposed Health Benefit Summaries Are Onerous, Group Warns

New York Employers Must Report Availability of Dependent Health Coverage

Preparation Steps for Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

Get Ready for Summary of Benefits and Coverage Rule

Proposed Rule Issued on Comparable Health Plan Summaries

Part D Enrollment Period Shifts, Requiring Employers to Issue Notice a Month Earlier

Employers to IRS: Avoid Burdensome W-2 Health Plan Reporting

Highlighting Health Insurance Value on Forms W-2

Plan Amendments Must Be in Place for 2011 PPACA Changes

IRS Issues Interim Guidance on Form W-2 Reporting of Cost of Health Coverage

President Signs Repeal of 1099 Tax Provision

IRS Issues Interim Guidance on W-2 Reporting of Health Care Costs

IRS Issues Guidance on Form W-2 Reporting for Costs of Employer-Provided Coverage

House Votes to Repeal Health Law Tax Reporting Requirement

Definition of 'Plan Year' Is Unresolved in Some Instances

Draft Form Issued for Reporting Health Care Costs on W-2s for 2011

HR Q&A: When the W-2 reporting requirement for the cost of an employee’s health benefits goes into effect, will employees be taxed for their health care?

Start Planning Now for New W-2 Reporting Requirement

Effective Date of PPACA’s Advance Notice Requirement Is Unclear

Guidance on External Review for Self-Insured Plans Issued

Health Reform Includes Form W-2 Reporting Requirement

Employer Reporting, Notifications: Prepare Now

Health Care Coverage of Part-Time Employees Raises New Tracking Issues

Coordinate Compliance Among Health Care Reform and Other Laws


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