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Health Care: Full-Time vs. Part-Time Workers

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Some Employers Cutting Part-Timers’ Hours, SHRM Finds

The ACA and Staffing: One Size Does Not Fit All

Are Seasonal Workers Entitled to Health Care Coverage?

Part-Time Hours: Undertake ACA 'Head Count' Strategies Now

Some Employers Need to Start ACA Measurement Periods

Critics Say Obamacare May Encourage ‘Part-Time Society’

To Comply, Employers Must Identify Full-Time Workers

Some Part-Timers to Fall Within Coverage Mandate

Proposed Rule Clarifies Employer Mandate Calculations

Coverage 'Threshold' Causes Concern

Part-Time Benefits: A Moving Target

Guidance on Full-Time Employees, 90-Day Waiting Period Limit

Challenges for Industries Reliant on Part-Timers

HR Q&A: How does reform impact part-time employees?

HR Q&A: How do we determine average hours worked for benefits plan eligibility?

HR Q&A: Will seasonal full-time employees have to be provided health care coverage beginning in 2014 to avoid the penalties?

Health Care Coverage of Part-Time Employees Raises New Tracking Issues

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