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How to Create Vendor Partnerships Based on Trust
Without communication and transparency, your vendor partnerships may come toppling down.

Benefits Outsourcing Is Up, Driven by
Costs, Compliance

Corporate benefits departments are outsourcing more administrative functions as they seek to tap into specialized expertise around compliance issues.

Survey: Employers Likely to Outsource ACA Reporting
Affordable Care Act (ACA) tracking and reporting requirements are presenting challenges to employers, leading many to consider an outsourced solution.

Zenefits-ADP Settlement Points to Changing Benefits
The recently resolved legal battle between business-outsourcing giant ADP and startup HR technology firm Zenefits points to a changing, more competitive market for benefits and payroll administration.

Startups Outsourcing HR: When, Why, What If?
By outsourcing and automating administrative services typically handled by hiring a dedicated HR staffer, startups can better deploy their human capital—up to a point.

Results-Oriented Outsourcing
Using outcome-based vendor pricing, companies pay vendors based on bottom-line business results, so HR can focus on performance over process.

Rethinking Brokers' Role
The idea of employers reducing or eliminating the benefits broker’s role in light of health care reform keeps brokers up at night.

Group Health Insurance Carrier Selection Questionnaire
When considering prospective carriers, ask each of them the same questions to obtain identical information. Here are general questions to assist in the selection process.

Chaplain Services, Employee Assistance Programs Compete for Employer Market
Providers of chaplain-based services say their programs are more personal and flexible than traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs)—something EAP groups challenge as the two compete for contracts.

Amid Consolidation, Clients Grow Selective
HR executives may have more leverage when purchasing outsourcing services due to consolidation of multi-process vendors.

Reduce Risks of Benefits Plan Contracting
Benefits vendor contracts can give rise to legal pitfalls from participant lawsuits to regulatory penalties. To limit liability in vendor agreements, get contractual protections in writing.


 HR Outsourcing - General


Outsourcing the HR Function
An overview of the types of HR outsourcing arrangements, and potential benefits, special concerns and possible drawbacks of such arrangements.

The Buying Services Game
Ever wonder about the net effect of outsourcing human resource services? Get the facts before you make a move.

Keep Core Competencies, Offload Administration
Admin work is the top candidate for outsourcing, as it takes up such a large portion of the HR professional’s time.


 Benefits Outsourcing


Benefits Admininstration:

Benefits Outsourcing: Focus on the Employee Experience
When outsourcing benefits administration, focus on the employee end-user's experience when structuring the new vendor relationship.


Health Care:

Health Care Reform Accelerates Benefits Outsourcing
Benefits administration outsourcing, fueled in recent years by employers needing help to comply with health care reform measures, is growing rapidly.


Retirement Plans:


 Compensation Outsourcing


Outsourcing Relief for Sales-Comp Headaches
Pharma firms discovered that when done right, outsourcing the administration of incentive pay for sales reps can improve efficiency and control costs.

Compensation Outsourcing: A Growing Trend
Three basic areas of compensation can be outsourced—employee, sales and executive—and each presents its own challenges.

Compensation Administration Outsourcing
Compensation administration is among the more specialized functions in most organizations, and outsourcing solutions are starting to emerge.

'Co-Sourcing' Compensation: Johnson & Johnson's Middle Path



 Global Outsourcing


 Vendor Directory

SHRM's HR Vendor Directory highlights more than 3,500 of the foremost companies offering products and services to the human resource profession.

 Broker Considerations


 Vendor Bidding and Governance


 Requests for Proposals (RFPs)


 Topic Index


 Call Centers


Call Centers Come Home
Using home-based call center workers can offer employers significant financial and HR advantages over offshoring.


 Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)


 Shared Services


Shared Services Can Cut Process Costs, but Many Fail to See Gains
More companies are forming internal organizations to consolidate and support redundant functions, such as accounts payable, for disparate business units.


 Staffing Management Outsourcing


 IT Outsourcing


If the Shoe Fits: Outsourcing HRMS
Outsourcing an HR management system (HRMS) platform can save money and improve service.



Can Diversity and Inclusion Be Outsourced?
Hiring a consulting firm to develop or support a diversity function is fine, as long as senior leaders drive the organization’s diversity strategy.