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Health Care: Employer Responses

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Employers Respond to PPACA's Financial Impact

Employer Plans for Health Care Reform Evolving

Employers Adjust Health Benefit Strategies in Wake of Reform

Critics Say PPACA May Encourage ‘Part-Time Society’

SHRM Calls for Flexibility in Applying Employer Mandate

Levers of Change: Employers Respond to Shifting Health Care Landscape

The Mandate and Beyond

Making the ‘Play or Pay’ Decision

Some Part-Timers to Fall Within Coverage Mandate

Part-Time Benefits: A Moving Target

Challenges for Industries Reliant on Part-Timers

Medical Loss Ratio Rebates: Who Gets the Cash?

Employers Expect Supreme Court to Save Some of Reform Law

Viewpoint: Reconsidering Group Health Insurance Benefits

Are Health Premium Tiers a Good Idea

Finance, HR Execs See Roles Changing in Health Care Reform's Wake

Health Care Reform Accelerates Benefits Outsourcing

CFOs Ratchet Up HR Oversight

Employers in the Dark about Effects of Health Care Reform

Employer Health Plan Enrollment Up 2% Since Reform Law

In Reform's Wake, Health Organizations Adjust Employee Coverage

Employers: Higher Wellness Incentive Is Reform's 'Most Beneficial' Element

Employers Urge Swift Resolution to PPACA Legal Challenges

Plan Amendments Must Be in Place for 2011 PPACA Changes

Most U.S. Employers Plan to Keep Coverage After 2014

Big Plan Changes Considered by Employers

SHRM Health Care Reform Poll—Where Are Organizations in the Decision-Process? An Update

Self–Insurance: Meet Health Care Reform

Post-Reform, Retiree Medical Benefits Are Under Review

Should Employers Pay or Play Under PPACA? Factors to Consider

Learn Health Care Reform Lessons from Massachusetts

After One Year, Top Five Health Care Reform Issues for Employers

Compliance Deadlines, Uncertainties Loom on Health Care Reform Act’s Anniversary

What HR Professionals Need to Know in 2011

Experts: Stay the Course Despite Health Care Law Rulings

SHRM Poll: Health Coverage Uncertainty

Larger Employers Respond More Actively to Reforms

Navigating Health Reform's Ambiguities and Unclear Mandates

Employers Hope to Alter Health Care Reform

112th Congress Likely to Emphasize Oversight of Health Care Reform

Pay Raises Likely to Offset Reductions in Health Care Contributions for Executives

Employees Value Health Benefits, Skeptical About Health Care Reform

Health Care Strategy in the Age of Health Reform

SHRM Poll: Employers Take Steps to Respond to Health Reform

Reform Predicted to Drive Increase in Health Care Consumption 

Health Care Reform Might Lead to Decline in Self-Insured Plans

Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits: ‘Reformed’ into Obsolescence?

In Wake of Health Care Reform, Open Enrollment Presents Opportunities for Employers

Time for a Health Care Reform Checkup

SHRM Poll: Responding to Health Care Reform

Employers Consider Their Health Care Reform Options

Employers Brace for Health Care Cost Increases, Remain Committed to Subsidizing Employee Coverage

Most Employers Not Providing Early Coverage for Adult Children

U.S. Employers Would Pass Along Reform Costs

SHRM Polls:

SHRM Poll: Health Care Reform: Where are Organizations in the Decision Making Process?  

SHRM Poll: Organizations’ Response to Health Care Reform: Organizations’ Short-Term Decisions  

SHRM Poll: Organizations’ Response to Health Care Reform: Challenges and Actions 

SHRM Poll: Organizations’ Response to Health Care Reform: Senior Management’s Requests

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