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Defined Contribution: Matching Contributions

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Dollar-for-Dollar Is Now Most Common 401(k) Match

One in Four Workers Miss Out on Full 401(k) Match

Millennials’ Under-Saving Nixes Match

Lower Pay for a Higher 401(k) Match?

Learn from AOL’s 401(k) Missteps

AOL Reverses Year-End 401(k) Match Policy

Employers Boost 401(k) Match Contributions, Relax Eligibility Rules

IBM Adopts End-of-Year Matching Payment

Employers Offering 401(k) Match Are Back

401(k) Match: 'Thresholds' Drive Participation More than Rates

Educate on 401(k) Contribution Limits and Matches

Most Have Restored 401(k) Matching Contributions

More 401(k) Matching Contributions Restored

More Companies Plan to Restore 401(k) Match

Most Big Employers Auto Enroll, Restore 401(k) Match

Most Companies to Restore 401(k) Match in 2010; Other Steps

Auto Enrollment in 401(k) Plans Led to Higher Match Rates

Suspend the 401(k) Match? Issues to Weigh, Pitfalls to Avoid

3 Out of 5 Employers Keep 401(k) Match Despite Recession

Most Workers Underestimate Employer's Health Costs, but Value 401(k) Matches 

Matching Contributions Boost Participation; Mixed Effect on Contribution Rate

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