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Defined Contribution: Loans & Withdrawals


Loans and Withdrawals:


401(k): Hardship Withdrawal Application 

One-Third of Americans Borrow from Retirement Plans

Explaining 401(k) Plan Loans’ Upsides and Downsides

Cashing Out 401(k)s Diminishes Retirement Security

Improving Economy Reduces 401(k) 'Leakage'

Preretirement 401(k) Breaches on the Rise

Loans: A Delicate Balancing Act 

"Plug the Drain” on 401(k) Plan Leakage

Senate Bill Would Limit Retirement Savings 'Leakage'

401(k) Balances Increased, but So Did Loans Outstanding

401(k) Loans and Hardship Withdrawals on the Rise

GAO Recommends Revising 401(k) Hardship Withdrawal Policy

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