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Defined Contribution: Automatic Features

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Auto Escalation Beats Savings Inertia, So Why the Hesitancy?

Uptick in Mobile Apps and Auto Features

Gen Xers’ Retirement Savings Prospects

401(k) Participants Favor Auto Escalation

Overcoming Small-Company Retirement Plan Challenges

401(k) Plans Adopt Participant-Friendly Features

Changes in 401(k) Plans Spur Higher Participation

Auto Features Impact Communication

Encourage Employees to Defer Adequate Pay to Their 401(k)

Auto Enrollment Boosts 401(k) Participation Among Minorities

The Business Case for 401(k) Automatic Enrollment

401(k) Plans Add Features to Drive Participation and Savings

401(k) Auto Enrollment: The Problem of Missing Beneficiary Elections

401(k) Automatic Enrollment: Does It Help or Hurt Savings?

More 401(k) Plans Use Auto Enrollment, Provide Advice

Employers Enhancing 401(k)s to Compensate for Higher Retirement Risk

Automatic Enrollment 'Safe Harbor' 401(k)s: An Exemption from Compliance Testing

Most Big Employers Auto Enroll, Restore 401(k) Match

Auto Enrollment in 401(k) Plans Led to Higher Match Rates

401(k) Auto Escalation: Likely Impact on Accumulations 'Significant' 

GAO: Automatic Enrollment Ups 401(k) Participation; Challenges Remain

401(k) Plan: Automatic Enrollment (Policy Statement)

Automatic Shift: More Employers Add 401(k) Features to Drive Participation and Savings

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