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Defined Benefit: Terminations & Freezes

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Companies Eye Pension De-Risking

Higher PBGC Premiums May Mean Fewer Pensions

Bill Would Ease Way for ‘Soft’ Freezes

Fewer Big Companies Freeze Defined Benefit Plans

More Pensions to Offer Lump-Sum Payout Windows

Most Intend to Keep Pensions Open to New Hires

From Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution: A Systematic Approach to Transitioning Retirement Plans

CFO Survey: Continued Volatility Will Alter Pension Risk Management

Six Ways to Reduce Pension Costs and Combat Volatility

Retiring a Defined Benefit Plan: Freeze vs. Terminate

Pension Plans: Freeze 'Em and Forget 'Em Is Not a Practical Strategy

Pension Plan Freezes Continue at Steady Pace

Pension Plans: General: Is a company permitted to freeze its pension plan?

GAO: Defined Benefit Plan Freezes Affect Millions, Pose Retirement Challenges

When Plans Freeze, HR Duties Don’t

4th Circuit: Participant in Terminated Pension Can Sue

60% of U.S. Corporate Pensions Now Closed to New Entrants

Biggest U.S. Pensions Lost Ground; More Interest in Hybrids

Pensions Turn to Alternative Investments; More 'Frozen' Plans

How to Weigh Alternatives for Defined Benefit Plans

Be Aware of Triggering Partial Termination of Retirement Plans

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