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Defined Benefit: Investments & Funding

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Pension Funding Levels Fell in 2014, Reversing Gains

Pension Smoothing Extended Without No Premium Hike

Avoid Common Pension Oversight Mistakes

Health and Pension Costs Top CFO Concerns

Big Contributions and Strong Returns Fail to Improve Pension Funding

DOL Issues Annual Pension Funding Notice Requirements

Corporate Pensions Finished 2012 with Highest-Ever Deficits

Pension Plans’ Funded Status Declines Worldwide

Congress Passes Funding Relief Measure

Funding Decisions Loom for Pension Plan Sponsors

2012 Pension Contributions Expected to Rise 30% to 40%

Controlling Pension Funding Volatility Remains Top Priority

Pension Deficits Widened Again in 2011

CFO Survey: Continued Volatility Will Alter Pension Risk Management

Risk-Management Q&As for HR Professionals Who Oversee Pension Plans

Underfunding of Liabilities Seen as Top Pension Risk

Six Ways to Reduce Pension Costs and Combat Volatility

Pension Funding Hits Post-World War II Low

More Pensions Using 'Alternative' Investments

Liability-Driven Investing Strategies Proved Worth

'Alternative' Investments Require Heightened Governance

Pension Priorities Focus on Volatility, Long-Term Strategies

Designing and Administering Defined Benefit Retirement Plans

Pension Volatility: How to React as Funding Forecasts Spike, Fall

Pensions Turn to Alternative Investments; More 'Frozen' Plans

Pension Tension: Seven Critical Questions Facing Plan Sponsors

Countering Pension Risk Myopia 


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