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Health Care: Adult-Child Coverage

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Can Employer Health Plans Drop Employees’ Adult Children Whose Jobs Offer Coverage?

Are Health Premium Tiers a Good Idea?

Employer Health Plan Enrollment Up 2% Since Reform Law

Coverage of Adult Children Might Have State Tax Consequences 

Adult-Child Changes Summarized

SHRM Files Comments on Health Care Child Coverage Rule

Extending Dependent Child Coverage Up to Age 26—COBRA Implications

Is Michelle’s Law Still Relevant After Health Care Reform?

Young Adult Coverage Until Ages 26 or 27 Explained

Payment of Coverage for Eligible Adult Child Permitted on Pretax Basis

Forever Young: New “Adult Children” Guidance under Health Care Reform Covers Enrollment, Surcharges

‘Temporary Complication’ in Coverage of Young Adults Poses Challenges

Treasury, DOL and HHS Issue Interim Rule on Child Coverage to Age 26

Federal Law, Some State Laws Differ in Coverage of Adult Children of Domestic Partners

IRS Issues Guidelines on Nontaxable Dependent Coverage

Dependent Eligibility Audits Impacted by Reform Law

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