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Health Care: Costs 


(An additional listing of SHRM articles on health care costs not specifically related to health care reform may be found here.) 

Health Benefit Costs Could Jump in 2014

Employee Health Costs Approach $5,000

Why the Health Care Cost Curve Is Bending

Employers Hold the Line on Health Costs

Defined Contribution Health Benefits

Consumer-Driven Plans Gain in Popularity

Employers Respond to ACA's Financial Impact

Study: 6.5% Growth in Medical Costs for 2014

Health Plan Cost for ‘Typical’ Family Hits $22,030

Employers Adjust Health Benefit Strategies in Reform's Wake 

More Drop Grandfathered Status to Control Costs

Big Changes Expected in Hospital Reimbursement in Reform's Wake

Are Health Premium Tiers a Good Idea

HHS Issues Rules on Medical Loss Ratio Requirement

Per Employee Health Coverage to Cross $10,000 Threshold

Employers Misunderstand Specialty Drugs and Costs

Slower Health Benefit Cost Growth Foreseen in 2012

Average Family Health Premiums Top $15,000 in 2011

State-Federal Review of Health Insurance Rate Increases Begins 

Small Businesses Overpay for Health Insurance, Researchers Find

Agencies Issue Proposed Rules on State Exchanges, Premium Subsidies

Employer Health Plan Enrollment Up 2% Since Reform Law

In Reform's Wake, Health Firms Adjust Employee Coverage

Big Health Insurance Rate Hikes Face Scrutiny Under HHS Final Rule

Employer Medical Costs Expected to Rise 8.5% in 2012

Self–Insurance: Meet Health Care Reform

More Health Cost Shifting

Double Digit Health Costs Rise

Globally, Health Insurance Cost Expected to Rise More Than 10%

Rising Cost Tops Employees' Health Care Worries 

Family Premiums Up 3% in 2010, But Workers' Share Rose 14%

Large Employers Project 2011 Health Plan Costs to Rise 8.9% 

Reform Predicted to Drive Increase in Health Care Consumption

Increased Health Care Cost Shifting Expected in 2011

Group Health Insurance Rates on the Rise for 2011

Employers Brace for Health Care Cost Increases, Remain Committed to Subsidizing Employee Coverage

Health Reform's Coverage Requirements Expected to Drive Premiums Higher

Reform Law Funds Research to Curb Health Care Costs

U.S. Employers Would Pass Along Reform Costs

Bill Seen Raising Outlays for Employers

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