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SHRM Competency Model

Thank you for your interest in the SHRM Competency Model. The model comprises nine competencies: one technical competency and eight behavioral competencies. The technical competency, Human Resource Expertise (HR Knowledge), is the most fundamental requirement for HR professionals, and the eight behavioral competencies reflect the way through which an HR professional leverages his or her technical competence.

Each competency has five distinct components:

  • Title. A distinct competency title
  • Definition. A one-sentence-long overall definition
  • Sub-Competencies. Competencies related to and/or subsumed by the relevant general competency.
  • Behaviors. A list of defining behaviors that are demonstrated by individuals at the highest level of proficiency on the indicated competency
  • Proficiency Standards. Standards for proficiency at the four career stages (entry, mid, senior, and executive). Each proficiency standard represents a behavioral standard in which an HR professional at the relevant level should engage to be successful.