Process to Purchase Exam Seats
  1. Complete bulk order form (see “download application for purchasing exams”) with the number of seats and credit card information for payment.
  2. NOTE the deadlines to submit the bulk order form to purchase exam seats, for each of the three exam windows: Spring exam window - February 25; Summer exam window – June 20: Fall exam window – September 25.
  3. Send the completed bulk order form via email to SHRM Member Care will process the order payment.
  4. SHRM will create a unique “university code” that corresponds to the number of exam seats purchased, and sends the school this code (to be used in the payment section when the student applies online), with instructions for the online application process.
  5. IMPORTANT: The exam seats purchased are good for all 3 exam windows in the calendar year when purchased. However, the student must apply for the exam window that he or she wants within that specific exam window’s application period.
  6. Only one exam window is open at a time for applications.
  7. Exam seats are non-refundable.


If the university administrator or the student has a question about the Assessment, please write to or call 1-800-283-7476, ext. 3926.