Important Information about the Assurance of Learning® Assessment

SHRM Assurance of Learning Assessment® Policies and Privacy Notice: Click here to read.

STUDENT BENEFITS: Shows employers the student has acquired the minimum knowledge required to be a successful HR professional.

UNIVERSITY BENEFITS: Helps universities meet the accrediting body’s assurance of learning requirements, by showing that the HR degree program teaches what it states it will teach. (Free Technical Manual available.)

EMPLOYER BENEFITS: Employers know that student applicants have taken an additional step to ensure that their degree adequately prepares them for their career in HR. (Free Employers Guide Available).

The examinee will receive one of two certificates:

Proficient: Students at this level possess the basic/essential knowledge required to perform HR responsibilities.

 Advanced: Students at this level possess the comprehensive and integrated knowledge required to perform HR responsibilities.

One exam window at a time is open for applications. Please use the online application (If you are taking the exam outside the U.S., use the pdf application.) Once you complete the online application, you will receive two automated emails: 1) a receipt/acknowledgment of the application and payment; and 2) your Authorization to Test (ATT) letter, with instructions on how to contact Prometric to schedule your exam date, location and time.

Examinees will receive conditional pass/fail information at the test site. The conditional pass/fail information is calculated while the examinee completes the brief survey at the conclusion of the exam, and then the conditional pass/fail notice will appear on the screen.

Examinees will receive an official “pass or fail” letter after the test window closes and final results are calculated. When the examinee passes the Assessment, the Certificate of Learning document will be mailed with the official exam results letter. Please note that the results only show pass or fail; no specific number score is provided. For those who do not pass the Assessment, the official notification letter will indicate the content areas to focus on, should the examinee wish to re-test in the future. SHRM will send universities a list of pass/fail for their students who took the exam in the current exam window, along with a section highlighting content areas for improvement.

When will I receive my exam results?
The formal notification letter with the exam results will be sent via regular mail within approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks after the test window closes, to the mailing address on record at SHRM. If you pass the exam, the Certificate of Learning will be sent with the official notification letter.

Note: There may be circumstances, upon review, that convert a conditional fail exam result to a passing exam result. The time lag between the close of the test window and issuing the formal exam results allows SHRM to review all results and make adjustments that may result in a conditional fail exam result becoming a pass.

If the examinee does not receive his or her official notification letter, please e-mail the SHRM Assurance of Learning Assessment office at

Accommodation Policy
Examinees with disabilities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (or the Canadian/Australian equivalent) who need special arrangements to help them take the exam may request an accommodation. To make such a request, individuals must submit a completed Accommodation Request form (available by e-mailing and have an appropriate licensed professional complete the Documentation of Disability-Related Needs section. The Accommodation Request form, fully completed by the individual and licensed professional, must be received by SHRM, via e-mail to, no later than 30 days before the individual’s scheduled test date. Upon approval, SHRM will provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations related to the testing process (e.g., extra exam time, using a reader, etc.). The information provided and any documentation regarding the disability and the need for accommodation in testing will be treated with strict confidentiality; the need for the accommodation will only be shared by SHRM with the testing center to facilitate the provision of the accommodation at the testing site. If the examinee has documentation from his or her university that confirms any accommodation granted by the university for similar requests for accommodation and those requests were granted by the university, that paperwork can be submitted in lieu of having an appropriate licensed professional complete the Document of Disability- Related Needs section of the form.

Please see the FAQ for more information.