SHRM Assurance of Learning® Assessment Study GuideStudent Assurance of Learning® Assessment Study Guide
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This thorough study guide is an ideal tool for students to acquaint themselves with the style of questions they can expect to see on the exam. The guide includes tips for exam preparation including suggested resources, and a practice exam, including answers and rationales for the answers. Students may supplement texts, research and websites studied as part of his or her degree program with additional sources listed in the Study Guide, used by item writers. These materials are intended to help students prepare for the exam; however, the materials do not “teach the test.” SHRM makes no warranty that use of the SHRM preparation materials guarantees passage of the Assurance of Learning® Assessment exam.

The SHRM-developed Study Guide is available through the SHRMStore. Please be aware that other exam preparation materials may be developed by non-SHRM source, however, SHRM only can confirm the accuracy, relevance, or completeness of those preparation materials created by SHRM and available exclusively through SHRM. The Study Guide may be purchased at a discount--in bulk orders--by calling 800-444-5006, option 1.

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REVIEW MATERIALS: SHRM provides additional Review Materials (6). They include a syllabus for a 15-hour course (1 credit), six power point slide decks with teaching notes, 13 study aids and a comprehensive tool to supplement your study plan. All may be purchased online at the link below. The last option is the bundle of all 6 Review Materials. These review materials are available for purchase by schools and students.

NOTE: The Review Materials are available only as e-documents. Orders for Review Materials are filled Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm), Eastern time. Review Materials are sent via email, from SHRM Academics. Orders placed Friday - Sunday will be fulfilled the following Monday.

NEW! Practice Exams: Purchase 1, 2 or more practices exams. Each practice exam is 80 questions.

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If you plan to take the exam at a test center outside of the United States or Canada, please email before registering. The Assessment staff may need to manually register you because there is a subsidy charged for certain country test locations outside of the United States.