How to Prepare
Completing coursework toward an HR or HR-related degree program is the primary method of preparation for the SHRM Assurance of Learning Assessment. Examinees should review the content areas on the exam to make sure their degree program covered all or most of the content areas tested on the exam. Click here to see content areas on the exam.

Preparation Materials: SHRM recommends that examinees create an individual study plan based on coursework studied throughout the HR degree program, and then fill in the gaps by taking advantage of the study materials SHRM has created:
  • Practice Tests
  • Study Guide
  • Review Materials
Practice Tests
Practice Tests help examinees determine which content areas tested on the exam might need additional focus. Four Practice Tests are available through the SHRMStore. Each Practice Test has 80 questions and may be purchased individually, or all four Practice Tests may be purchased in a bundle at a greatly reduced price.
  • Individual test, Member: $35
  • Individual test, Nonmember: $40
  • Bundle of all four tests, Member: $99
  • Bundle of all four tests, Nonmember: $135
Taking a Practice Test provides a preview of what to expect on the exam: an examinee can determine knowledge gaps that can be strengthened through additional study. After taking the Practice Test(s) to identify gaps in knowledge, SHRM suggests using the Study Guide and Review Materials to supplement topics studied in an HR degree program.

Purchase Practice Tests here.

Note: The Practice Tests are available only as e-documents. Orders for Practice Tests are filled Monday - Friday (9am - 5pm), Eastern time. Practice Tests are sent via e-mail from Orders placed Friday - Sunday will be fulfilled the following Monday.

Study Guide SHRM Assurance of Learning® Assessment Study Guide
  • Member: $45
  • Nonmember: $55
Note: The 2015 Study Guide supersedes all earlier versions of the Study Guide.

SHRM has created a Study Guide available through the SHRMStore with a sample exam of 160 questions. The sample exam helps examinees acquaint themselves with the style of questions on the exam. The examinee may wish to use this sample exam when nearing the end of the study period, but before taking the Assessment, to better assess readiness for the Assessment exam. .Sources used as the basis for individual questions on the Assessment and rationales for correct answers are in the Study Guide. Test-taking tips highlight important information to consider prior to taking the Assessment. By using the list of sources, the examinee may supplement texts, research and websites studied as part of a degree program. The sources listed in the Study Guide are the ones item writers use to create the actual test questions.

Purchase the Study Guide here.

Universities: To purchase the Study Guide at bulk discounts, please call the SHRMStore at 1- 800-444-5006, option 1.

Please be aware that other exam preparation materials may be developed by non-SHRM sources; however, SHRM only can confirm the accuracy, relevance, or completeness of the preparation materials created by SHRM and available exclusively through SHRM.

Review Materials
Review Materials cover the six (6) overarching content areas tested on the exam. They include a syllabus for a 45-hour study plan (equivalent to a 3-credit course), six power point slide decks with teaching notes, detailed study aids that accompany each module and a comprehensive spreadsheet that highlights additional resources to complement a comprehensive study plan. Each of the six individual modules may be purchased as a stand-alone module, but it is most economical to purchase the bundle of all 6 modules. Many examinees use these materials as self-study.
  • Individual Module, Member: $40
  • Individual Module, Nonmember: $50
  • Bundle of Six Modules, Member: $99
  • Bundle of Six Modules, Nonmember: $135
Note: The Review Materials are available only as e-documents. Orders for Review Materials are filled Monday - Friday (9am - 5pm), Eastern time. Review Materials are sent via e-mail, from SHRM Academics. Orders placed Friday - Sunday will be fulfilled the following Monday.

Purchase Review Materials here.

Universities who want to conduct a formal review course can buy one copy of the Review Materials for each student in the class, for a discounted price.

Please note: All SHRM study tools are intended to help examinees better prepare to take the Assessment; however, the materials do not "teach the test." SHRM makes no warranty that use of SHRM preparation materials guarantees an examinee will pass the Assurance of Learning® Assessment.

Can I take the Assessment internationally?
If you plan to take the exam at a test center outside of the United States or Canada, please e-mail before registering. The Assessment staff may need to manually register you because there is a subsidy charged for certain country test locations outside of the United States.