University Administrator Exam Bulk Purchase Pricing

Bulk Order Form for Universities Purchasing Multiple Exam Seats

1-4 exams Full Price
5-24 exams 10% discount ($121.50 per student)
25-49 exams 15% discount ($114.75 per student)
50-74 exams 20% discount ($108 per student)
75-99 exams 25% discount ($101.25 per student)
100+ exams 30% discount ($94.50 per student)

Payment for discounted exam seats purchased by universities is done by credit card - either through the pdf document, and then forwarded to or directly paid via credit card to Member Care (1-800-283-7476, ext. 6094 or 6239). After payment, SHRM generates a unique code for use by the students when they register online for a university-paid seat. SHRM will send the unique code to the school, along with a set of directions for the students to follow, for the registration process using the university code. Please allow a few days for the payment, code and information processing, as this process is manually done for each individual university-paid seat order.

These prices reflect the rates for universities who purchase exams on behalf of their students. The rate is fixed regardless of students' SHRM membership statuses. All purchased exams must be used in the same exam window.