University Administrator Exam Bulk Purchase Pricing

Bulk Order Form for Universities Purchasing Multiple Exam Seats

1-4 exams $150 per seat
5-24 exams $145 per seat
25-49 exams $140 per seat
50-74 exams $135 per seat
75-99 exams $130 per seat
100+ exams $125 per seat

After payment, SHRM generates a unique code for use by the students when they register online for a university-paid seat. SHRM will send the unique code to the school, along with a set of directions for the students to follow, for the registration process using the university code. Please allow a few days for the payment, code and information processing, as this process is manually done for each individual university-paid seat order.

These prices reflect the rates for universities who purchase exams on behalf of their students. The rate is fixed regardless of students' SHRM membership statuses.