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Thompson Technology: A Case Study in Controlling Labor Costs

By Myrna L. Gusdorf, MBA, SPHR  4/24/2012

This case study was used for the case solving competitions held at five SHRM regional student conferences in March and April of 2012. 

The case involves a fictitious company, Thompson Technology.  

Thompson Technology provides software solutions to the financial industry. From its founding in 1988 through the 1990s, the company experienced significant financial success, growing rapidly from a small startup to a publicly traded organization with approximately 800 employees. The recent economic recession and increased regulation of the financial industry, however, have caused Thompson to experience significant decreases in revenue for the first time. 

This case focuses on the organization’s attempts to control labor costs by decreasing expenses. The case begins with an overview of the organization and is divided into five scenarios. It is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in human resource or business management.  

Please note: Each scenario includes separate questions (and debriefs) for undergraduate and graduate students to answer. 

Click any of the following to download the desired scenario:  

Scenario A: Restructuring After a Hiring Freeze


Scenario B: Flexible Scheduling


Scenario C: Hot-Desking


Scenario D: Moving Employees to a PEO


Scenario E: Downsizing and the HR Department






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