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The Case of the Writer Who Couldn't Write

By Alan Cabelly, Ph.D.  5/19/2011

This case focuses on two key organizational issues: Staffing decisions (Case A) and performance management (Case B). Related issues include the relationship between staffing and performance management, managerial control and decision making, termination decisions and the role of an established group in new employee socialization. Instructors can focus on staffing, performance management or both. 

The case is based on a real case; students will be intrigued to find out what happened in the actual situation. It can be analyzed by using a traditional Harvard style analysis, by having students develop staffing and coaching techniques or through the use of role plays. These methods can be combined.

This case can be adapted for use by undergraduate or graduate students in either an advanced organizational behavior course or any level human resource management course. 

Click here for the instructor’s manual and click here for the student workbook.



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