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2013 State of HR Education Study Final Report
A faculty-informed study of HR education

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In 2007, SHRM began work with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to examine the current state of human resource education. By creating the State of HR Education Study, we began examining important issues including what HR students study in school, the affect of HR internships on employability and job-preparedness, career paths chosen and pursued by HR graduates and perceptions of HR as a course of study and profession by HR students. 

In years 2009 through 2011, we expanded the study to secure perceptions of HR held by non-HR business students. We included five universities whose programs align with our curriculum guidelines to participate in a comparative study.

A faculty survey was added to the 2011 study in an attempt to capture relevant faculty perceptions and information relative to the characteristics of a quality HR degree program, faculty perceptions of HR, experiential learning activities, and curriculum revision and development.

The 2012 study continued to include the student (longitudinal) survey and the on-going faculty survey. The camparative study with the five participating universities was not conducted and was therefore not included in the 2012 State of HR Education Study.

The 2013 study includes the on-going faculty survey only; therefore, the 2013 report provides a technical description of the procedures followed in, and the results of, the 2013 faculty study.

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