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HRM Journal Articles

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The Comparative Roles of Home and Host Supervisors in the Expatriate Experience

Expatriation Outside the Boundaries of the Multinational Corporation: A Study with Expatriate Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Expatriate Practices in German, Japanese, U.K., And U.S. Multinational Companies: A Comparative Survey of Changes

Hiring for Retention And Performance

The Effects of Expatriate Demographic Characteristics on Adjustment: A Social Identiry Approach

Applying Cognitive Adjustment Theory to Cross-Cultural Training for Global Virtual Teams

Capital Gains: Expatriate Adjustment and the Psychological Contract in International Careers

External Labor Market Strategy and Career Success: CEO Careers in Europe and The United States

Dynamic HR: Global Applications from IBM

Knowledge Processes and Learning Outcomes in MNCS: An Empirical Investigation of the Role of HRM Practices in Foreign Subsidiaries

The Vital Liaison Role of Host Country Nationals in MNC Knowledge Management

Psychological Capital: A Positive Resource for Combating Employee Stress and Turnover

Encouraging Knowledge Sharing Among Employees: How Job Design Matters

Thinking Strategically About Integrating Repatriated Managers in MNCS

Why Some Firms Adopt Telecommuting While Others Do Not: A Contingency Perspective

Global Challenges to Replicating HR: The Role of People, Processes, and Systems


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