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How to Pursue a Career in Human Resources: Five Simple Steps to Success

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Do you assist high school students with their future career plans?

Do you know a high school student who may be interested in entering the field of human resources?

If so, SHRM has an excellent resource for you. The brochure “How to Pursue a Career in Human Resources: Four Simple Steps to Success” is a simple, fun tool designed to help students understand the steps required to enter and successfully navigate a career path in the growing and challenging field of human resources.

The five simple steps described in the brochure:

Step 1: Earn an HR HR Degree and Cap It Off by Taking SHRM’s Assurance of Learning Assessment.

Step 2: Become a SHRM Student Member.

Step 3: Gain Experience and Competitive Advantage with Internships..

Step 4: Find That First HR Job.

Step 5: Get Ready to Advance Your Career.

An online version of the brochure is available here.

Please note This brochure is also available in a fun, folding hard-copy format, which is highly recommended. To request a free hard copy or multiple free hard copies, please send an e-mail to Please include your name, mailing address and the number of copies desired.

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