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Workforce Planning: Aging and Employment

By Barbara McIntosh, Ph.D., SPHR  12/15/2014
Shifting demographics, the changing nature of work and the emerging platforms to achieve productivity, including technology and workplace flexibility, are increasing the need for strategic human resource (HR) management and planning. Understanding the issues related to an aging workforce is central in this planning process. Economic conditions, uncertainty in the labor market, and intergenerational dynamics are changing both employer and employee expectations about the role of work, and the impact of these volatile forces on employment remains uncertain. The issues are particularly complex because of the regulatory and legal environment, productivity demands, and established HR policies and practices. This course examines labor market dynamics, labor force participation patterns, evolving employer policies and practices, and changing employee expectations. Particular emphasis is placed on current best practices and emerging trends regarding older workers. 

This course is compiled of multiple documents: One syllabus document, two case studies and 12 PowerPoint presentations. Click on each link below to access the desired document:

Syllabus, Video References and Instructor Readings

Case studies:
Gardens for All Supply Company: Older Workers as a Tactical Advantage for Business
Instructor's manualStudent workbook
General Appliances: An Aging Workforce Case Study
Instructor's manual, Student workbook

PowerPoint presentations:
Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4, Module 5, Module 6, Module 7, Module 8, Module 9, Module 10, Module 11, Module 12.
Each set of slides includes teaching notes. 

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Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. 


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