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Succession Planning

Recertification Hours: 7.5

Competency - Leadership & Navigation

Program Overview
Succession planning is a key component for business success, enabling an organization to recover when critical talent is lost. An effective succession plan includes a focus on development, preparing individuals for future opportunities. Systematic tracking is also critical.

This program creates a framework within which HR professionals can create, develop and implement an in-depth succession plan according to their organizations' current and future needs. This allows the organization to move from reactive replacement planning to a proactive strategic solution.

Participants will also learn how monitoring, developing and retaining critical talent creates a positive impact on the bottom line.

Program Objectives

  • Define succession planning.
  • Ensure that the succession plan aligns and supports the broader organizational strategy, goals and objectives.
  • Identify and retain critical organizational competencies.
  • Identify succession planning approaches that meet the specific needs of your organization.
  • Define current and future organizational needs that are critical to organizational success.
  • Understand how succession planning and replacement planning both play a role in the success of an organization.
  • Analyze and evaluate the success of your organizations plan.

Participants that complete this program may be eligible for a Talent Management Certificate of Specialization. Learn more.


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