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Global Cultural Competence for Business Leaders

HR Certification Institute: Approved Provider 

Recertification Hours: 7.5
Approved for Global and Business Credits 

Program Overview
Developed for mid- to senior-level leaders working across national borders, this interactive one-day course explores what we know about culture and how we must navigate today’s increasingly globalized marketplace. In particular, we’ll focus on general concepts of cultural competence and how to analyze and apply these concepts. Moreover, we’ll arm you with strategies to proactively diagnose and address culture-based conflicts or challenges.

Program Objectives 

  • Learn about key cultural concepts (culture, cultural competence, cultural dimensions, cultural universals); get to know how five different culture clusters of the world operate.
  • Learn how to analyze your own culture in order to increase self-awareness and identify possible sources of cultural bias; then leverage intercultural awareness for counteracting unconscious biases; how to effectively communicate with people from other cultures; and how to collaborate across cultures.
  • Learn how to proactively diagnose and address possible conflicts and how to mediate across cultures—for the benefit of your organization.


 Delivery Methods


Onsite Training Modified to meet your needs

  • 1–day Onsite Program
  • Customizable Program

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