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Finance for Strategic HR

Recertification Hours: 7.5
Approved for Business Credit

Competency - Business Acumen

Program Overview
We all know that finance is what really drives business. In order to be a well-rounded HR professional, it’s imperative to have a good understanding of the complex world of finance. This program focuses on identifying key financial terms and concepts, understanding and analyzing data, and recognizing patterns and opportunities in the financial arena.

With an understanding of the financial side of business, you can gain valuable insight into your own company’s strategy and can make your HR department an indispensable component of your organization.

Program Objectives

  • Describe how businesses operate.
  • Define key components of the income statement and balance sheet.
  • Describe the link between financial measures and shareholder value.
  • Determine how to build an HR budget.
  • Identify ways to positively impact corporate performance.
  • Define key financial terms and concepts.

 Delivery Methods


Onsite Training Modified to meet your needs

  • 1–day Onsite Progra
  • Customizable Program

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