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Employee Engagement & Relations

HR Certification Institute: Approved PoviderRecertification Hours: 14


Program Overview
This program comprises a broad range of concepts, practices, and objectives arising out of the relationship between an organization and its employees and among the employees themselves. The program covers the effects of the organization's rules and culture on employee relations, helping HR professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to anticipate, address and diffuse workplace issues that may interfere with employee engagement and the organization's business objectives. It reviews the policies and practices governing workplace rules and conduct; the scheme of federal, state and local laws and regulations impacting the employment relationship; and compliance.

Program Objectives

  • Define keys laws associated with employee relations to prevent workplace harassment and discrimination.
  • Discuss how employee attitudes and engagement affect organizational culture and employee relations.
  • Identify and describe communications best practices.
  • Apply a dispute resolution process that complies with the law and adheres to the organization's policies.
  • Learn the importance of retaining high performers, how to retain them, and the impact thereof.
  • Understand the impact of employee safety and security on employee relations.

 Delivery Methods


Onsite Training Modified to meet your needs

  • 2–day Onsite Program
  • Customizable Program

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